You Should Wash Your Hands after Touching Any of These Harmless Things

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The act of washing our hands regularly actually helps to prevent different problems. In most times, hand washing is often done after visiting the toilet, making it the most natural thing in the world. However, it will come as a surprise for a lot of people when they learn that there are several other things that are even dirtier than a toilet seat.

Have you ever thought about this prior to now? Or do you live by the motto that “a bit dirt builds resistance?” if you do, then think about it again because washing your hands regularly means that a cold, flu or viruses is less likely to be lurking. Therefore, kindly wash your hands when you come in contact with the following:

1.     Money: There is no way we can do without thinking and putting cash in our wallets. However, research indicates that the coins and notes we handle have a lot of dirt on them. For instance, several viruses, poo bacteria, salmonella and bacteria from genitals have been found on cash. Therefore, after touching money, kindly wash your hands.

2.     Menus: Several people take restaurant menus with both hands and dive in. however; research reveals that an average menu carries nearly 200,000 different bacteria. You can’t avoid touching the menu, of course, but wash your hands after making your choice for lunch or dinner.

3.     Door knobs, handles and levers: You are probably aware of this that grasping doorknobs, handles and levers is not very hygienic. Most especially in the public toilets and public transport, things are full of bacteria and dirt. So, do you go out often? Then wash your hands when you reach home.

4.     General practices: The visitors to a general practice have something in common – after all, that is the basic reason they have come, right? Therefore, you need to think for a moment before you lay your hands on a door handle, armrest or the pen at the counter.

5.     Animals: Do you have animals at home or probably around your neighborhood? Do you just patted on its head? There are chances that you might likely not wash your hands afterwards. According to medical experts, this is what you should do. It is a statement of fact that animals can carry several diseases which can be unhealthy for humans. Therefore, always endeavor to wash your hands after having contact with any animal.

6.     Phone screen: It is a common thing that we often pick up our phones at any time of the day – even when we visit the toilet for a number one or two. We should be aware that the small screen carries a lot of dirt. Therefore, wash your hands regularly and polish your phone screen with special cleaning wipes.

7.     Kitchen: There are several more bacteria in the kitchen than you can imagine. Do you know the primary reason? Raw meat! Are you among people that often cook meat? Then chances are that you handle the meat when you cut it on a cutting board before cooking it. And when you are doing this, you touch some things such as pans, knives, dish towels and the counter. Meanwhile, bacteria love moisture, so you shouldn’t spread it. Wash your hands very well.  

8.     Pens: The pens that are in your office actually contain about as much bacteria as a toilet seat. When you use a colleague’s pen, it is necessary to carefully wash your hands.

9.     Soap dispensers: Do you wash your hands with soap? Then you are doing something great. However, have you thought about the pump on the soap dispenser that you use? Refillable soap dispensers in particular are a source of bacteria and it is indeed great if you can regularly clean your soap dispenser.

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