Wow: With This Trick You Could Make Your Wi-Fi Signal Up to Three Times As Strong Within Minutes!

Did you know about this before now? If your WiFi signal is weak, this can be a reason for much frustration. It is annoying when you are trying to find something on the internet, download pictures or stream a movie only to observe that your internet is too slow to perform those actions. You could buy a WiFi extender, but these can be quite expensive. And why would you, when making one yourself is cheap and easy to do!

There is no need to spend much money on any ridiculously expensive WiFi booster.


Since WiFi is available pretty much anywhere, we can be online 24/7. We are so used to having the internet available to us, we can become quite frustrated when it is slow or if it doesn’t reach all the corners of our house. We don’t like waiting while loading webpages or videos, so good WiFi has become indispensable to us. Therefore, it is all the more frustrating when our WiFi at our residence isn’t as fast as we want it to be.

Slow WiFi

Back in the day, people called putting up wallpaper together the ultimate test for a relationship, but this isn’t as relevant anymore in 2017as it then was. Want to see someone’s deepest, darkest self? Watch them try to work with a bad and slow internet connection. Everyone who spends every day working on a computer knows how frustrating slow internet can be. Fortunately, there is a very simple way to fix it!

Bad signal

Even though we are opportune to have WiFi nearly everywhere, the quality of said signals isn’t always topnotch. Whether the signal is good enough on your device, depends on your location and distance to the WiFi router. If the quality of your WiFi is lacking and you don’t want to buy an expensive extender, try out the following trick!

Low budget solution

Do you desperately desire a fast internet connection and a strong WiFi signal? Don’t run off to the store to purchase expensive gadgets. There is a much cheaper way to boost your WiFi signal if it could do with an improvement. The video below shows someone using an empty beer can to make a WiFi booster in only two minutes. He also shows us the trick really does work! All you need is a pair of scissors and an empty (clean) beer (or fizzy drink) can. Simply watch the instructions in the video below!

WiFi Extender

This is how you can make your own WiFi extender. Ensure the can you are using is dry and clean. Take off the can tab and cut off the underside of the can. Then start cutting off the top, but don’t cut it all the way. Cut the can along the side so you can open it completely. Now, you should put the top of the can over one of the antennas of your router as shown in the video below. Simply repeat with the other extender. The aluminum will extend your wifi signal.

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