Wow! Did You Know You Can Do This With A Banana Peel and Some Pantyhose?

We all had no idea about this fantastic trick! Are you fond of throwing your banana peel in the bin after eating the banana? So do we, because why wouldn’t you? It turns out, though; you can use it for something pretty useful! Therefore, we recommend holding on to that banana peel next time.

We’d never thought of this before!

Shoe polish

The trick we are about to reveal to you will make a certain expensive product completely redundant. That product is shoe polish. The white inside of a banana peel will get rid the dirt from your shoes and offers their shine a huge boost.

The trick

All you need to do is fold open the peel, so it is inside out. Only the white parts of the peel should be visible. Now, slide the peel into some old pantyhose. Use the pantyhose with the inside out banana peel in it to rub your shoes with and you will observe your shoes will have a beautiful shine afterwards. It is an ideal solution for when you don’t have any shoe polish at hand and you have an important meeting or a fancy party and need to look your best for it.


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