How to Make Money As a Home Stager


This article is ideal for individuals who are willing to work as a home stager and earn money. It talk about the process of home staging, what is expected as a home stager, and basic knowledge to earn money.
The proven mantra for anyone who wish to sell and buy real estate is the location. In a clearer term, the worth of a landed property or piece of real estate is more valuable, for sale or purchase depending upon the location of the property. 
For example, a property located on the beach in the South California will cost more in value than a house that is located elsewhere in California. 
Importance of Home Staging 
Talking about making money on real estate, for the seller it will be staging. Home staging is a process that captures the attention, imagination, and the possibilities of a home that is being placed on the market for sale. As the potential buyer enters the home their senses are stimulated as if this was their home and they are returning home from a long hard day’s work.
A well staged home will speak and resonate with the potential new owner a warm greeting of welcome home. Therefore, the necessity of a home stager is key, as a home unkempt, unwelcoming, or not outwardly appealing will sell less.

How to Become a Home Stager 
Stage Fright?
This is a moment where an entertainer is suddenly overwhelmed at the thought of going to the stage and making a performance. Show business is not for the fainthearted because sometimes the audience can be cruel and demanding. The audience are expecting to receive in return, performance that can be tantamount to the ticket they paid for.
In the same vein, staging is also a professional career choice that is not meant for fainthearted. Therefore, it is necessary to check yourself and confirm if this is a good choosen career for your personality and experience. 
To become a home stager, such individual need to have a “good eye” and talented in presenting a pleasing property to the potential buyer. It requires that the potential stager provides warmth, comfort, and present a huge “welcome home sign” to the new buyer as they enter into the house. 
Qualities that a stager must possess includes a gift of interior decorating utilizing colors, thematic objects, and various accents blended to create the desired effect. In addition, a stager should know more about how property is bought and sold.
Licence to Stage 
At present, there are no licensing requirements for this business. The staging industry and the stagers are not regulated. This implies that no formal training or education is needed before starting this work and there is no fee attached as a permit. 
Meanwhile, being unregulated gives room for anyone to pick up the work and claim to be a home stager hence making it a wide-open career and business opportunity. It might be prudent for a stager to present some form of assurances that they are reliable. 
Stage Training 
Like several other works, there are some job that one can learn. They go to school, take online courses, or learn as a tutelage under someone who is skilled in that profession. 
This means that there are skills one can learn to complete a job or qualify for the job description. 
Enter Stage Right
Now it is time to get into the stage. You have the drive, you are a self-starter, you have the personality and you are satisfied with some online tutorial that you have successfully completed which give you confidence to be a stager. 
Therefore, the first step in getting noticed is starting to develop a portfolio. To accomplish this, you need to go and talk with real estate agents and let them know about your services. Ofcourse, emphasizing the need for staging as a potent role in the house sale which should be mutually beneficial to both them and yourself. 
It is equally important to build a portfolio. You can stage your own home as a model of what you can accomplish and use it as a part of an opening to get the real estate agent’s attention. 
The business of staging is beginning to come into its own. The importance of employing a quality stager is both realized by the real estate agent as well as the owner of the home that is going onto the market. 
A quality stager should be able to command top price within their geographical location. Enter boldly and play your part when it comes to enhancing the beauty of a new home for a potential buyer. 


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