With This Trick You Won’t Get Any Wrinkles In Your Clothes When It Is On The Drying Rack!

This particular trick will make you have no more wrinkles! It can be really frustrating when you put your clothes on the drying rack and those nasty wrinkles come up. The only way out seems to be to get out the iron, but that shouldn’t be necessary for a simple T-shirt, isn’t it? There is a much easier solution for those stubborn wrinkles….

It turns out it is actually simple!

Pool needle

Preventing wrinkles turns out to be really simple; you just need to make sure the surface on which the clothes are hanging is larger, so the pressure is divided. You can do this very easily by attaching a piece of pool needle to the metal ‘threads’ of the drying rack. All you need to do is make a cut along the needle and push it onto the thread. This ensures the pressure is spread a little and the metal thread won’t cause a wrinkle anymore. It is such simple and easy!

Ice cubes

You can even very easily get rid of wrinkles in clothes that you normally would iron. All you need is a couple of ice cubes. Put the item of clothing and two or three ice cubes in the tumble dryer for 10minutes. The ice cubes will cause steam inside the dryer and that implies your clothes will come out wrinkle-free, without ever having to use your iron! This makes doing laundry a lot more fun all of a sudden!


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