With This Trick Unrolling Plastic Wrap Will No Longer Be a Problem At All!

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This particular trick will help save so much frustration! Plastic wrap is a staple in pretty much every kitchen. It is an exceptionally handy product when it comes to covering up food. Your meal will stay fresh for longer and you can see exactly what is on the plate or in the pan you have covered up. Yet plastic wrap does pose a bit of problem when it comes to unrolling it…

We wish we’d known about this trick long before now!


We always thought it was just us, and we were doing something incorrect when it came to unrolling plastic wrap. It turns out, though, that this is a general problem and it is simply nearly impossible to tear off a neat piece of plastic wrap. Whichever way you try it, it will stick to itself and you can’t tear off a neat piece for the life of you. It always ends up scrunched up and quickly and easily covering up that bowl has become a lost cause. But no more! We have a trick for it…


If you are willing to prevent your plastic wrap from sticking to itself when you tear it off, try storing the roll in the fridge from now henceforth. The cold makes it a lot easier to unroll it and move it to the bowl you want to cover. Somehow, the cold makes sure the wrap doesn’t stick to itself.


When you have finally unrolled the wrap, sometimes there is that extra bit of frustration when the wrap doesn’t want to stick to the bowl. You want to completely cover the bowl and make sure no air gets in, but that doesn’t happen if the wrap won’t stick! Here is another little trick: wetting the edges of the bowl with a bit of water. The plastic wrap will stick much better now!

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