Hey buddy, I see you are about giving up. You are frustrated, stressed, bothered and worried how hard it
has become. Yes, that’s it. The dream seems a mirage now and you can’t see light at the end of the
tunnel anymore. Before you do throw in the towel, why don’t you take a glance through this piece. I am
sure you would find strength!
Courage, that was exactly what I needed in 2006 when I was about establishing a laundry business. It
was a dream of many years to become an entrepreneur and an employer of labor. So when I left high
school, fresh first grades graduate hungry for success. Job offers came from left, right and centre, from
the tempting to more tempting and most tempting, I rejected them all.
To me, there was no point giving up on a dream I hadn’t started. In fact, it’s no dream at all if it’s not
burning within you. The reality dawned I would need a starting capital; I reached out to friends and
comrades who had shared my dream. Learn here, the kind of people you roll with matters in life. One of
the differences between the successful and unsuccessful people is the kind of people around them.
Choose your circle wisely.

I got about about other necessities with tact, zeal and energy required after been raised financially by
friends and family. I thought I shouldn’t let them down after all they did for me. Do you have someone
you live for? Is there someone or something motivating you? You shouldn’t let them down! In no time,
things got done, arranged, prepared and ready. I invited friends and family [close members] to come
felicitate and pray for the establishment success. Dear reader, do you have a faith? You must. Whatever
faith you belief in, you should try praying when things got bad. Someway somehow, you get filled with
hope; up with courage and your weary bones get strengthened again because you believe!
Everything set: human resources, equipment and logistics. We had worn the look of a proper
establishment. All that was left was for desired patronage o start trickling in. Desired patronage? Sorry
dear reader, in the start, nothing would come by your wishes. It’s a business mistake to think things will
click right from the go, NO! It doesn’t work that way. It never was and would never be. You would be
worried, dejected and disappointed when you don’t get them the expected sales/patronage/success. So
setting high hopes that may not come through only brings dejection, disappointment and
discouragement. You should learn here.

Quite oddly, I got baptized into the business world by the usual demons; low patronage and lack of
profits. I was running the establishment from my pocket. I had thought in the first 6 months we would
have become stable and stabilized business wise and would by then be the boss I had always dreamt.
Alas! It was not so. I became a stranger to myself: beaten, disheveled, down casted and dejected. I also
became withdrawn and would be home brooding on the misfortune in the business front. Somehow, my
friends noticed something was amiss with my business and extensively, me. They reached out in mutual
support and offered the dire company and presence I needed at such a critical stage. Pause, dear reader,
did you notice something there? The need to confide in [trusted and dependable

] others. Yes, when things are not in places and plan hit the lows, you get down casted but you should
know you need to talk to someone. Maybe a boss or senior in that field. As a human, disappointment
get to us easily, it weakens the mind and weary the body. But the key is in finding the right people to
confide in and earn encouragement; support and motivation before depression kill you of that dream. If
you don’t tell people what’s wrong with you, they like wouldn’t know before it’s too late.
After that family meeting with friends, my business got a lifeline! Things got livelier and our account
books were getting fat. I wouldn’t know what words to use but I wouldn’t be totally wrong if I said it was
magical. It turned out that my friends, after getting back to their various offices talked their colleagues
and seniors into patronizing me. They did that putting down there honors , trusting me never to
disappoint. Yes, that was it. The push I needed. We got at it. Working the socks off to stamp our names
into people’s heart with efficiency diligence and respect. Pause, how do you use opportunities? Do you
seize them, with both hands or lackadaisically let them slip away? If I hadn’t make use of that
opportunity it’s possible I left the business or remain a never-do-well.

In no time, other brand started patronizing our establishment. They had seen our mark in our various
customers, particularly my friends companies that were big brand too. Like a dream, the empty,
deserted company 4 months ago became a hub. When the need to employ more hands arose, I felt in
order not to overstretch the force, I needed more able hands. Yes, we got more capable and efficient. It
showed in prompt delivery of orders to customers. In leap and bound we grew to a level I had dreamt of
two good years ago. But if I had given up when things were bad and business was hostile, would I have
been here today? It’s only an business that grows, only a dream not dropped reaches the top.

This is a wake up call to you start up entrepreneur never to let go of that dream. It’ never a worthy
dream if it is not hard to achieve. Big dreams come with big challenges. To pull it through, be
courageous, move with good and positive people, seek for support, seize opportunities and never fail to
expand as the business deem. Do not give up. Success is just a stubborn prey you must chase hard to
get. Get up once now! Success is the reason why you shouldn’t give up on that dream.

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