Why You Should Definitely Not Use Air Conditioning In Your Car

Why You Should Definitely Not Use Air Conditioning In Your Car

Many of us live in countries where there is no air conditioning at home. Cars on the other hand are always manufactured with their air conditioning system. This is something people usually feel grateful for on hot summer days. It’s cool and nice, but there is one major drawback.
Air conditioning gasoline guzzles.

Are you trying to save money on gasoline or do you want to drive as long as possible without having to go to gas again? Please leave the air conditioning off! Libelle tells us about research that shows that the manual air conditioner uses more gas on hot days than on normal days. On a warm day, the AC can use up to 12.5 percent of your fuel. If we perform a quick calculation, it means that among the 70 liters of gasoline that you put in your car, about 8.75 liters are used by AC. If you have an automatic air conditioner, the number of liters you take from your full fuel tank is halved.

Open the windows
Manual AC has more disadvantages to your gasoline levels. AC runs far more gasoline in an urban area than outside it. Since you don’t drive too fast in these areas anyway, you can open a window instead if you want some cool air. However, when driving on a highway, it is best to use the air conditioner in your car. Opening windows while driving too fast will slow down your car, requiring more fuel. They basically choose between two arteries, but it’s better for your fuel levels to use the air conditioner when you drive down the highway. As a gasoline seller, the air conditioner is bad for your car and bad for your wallet.

Bad for your car, bad for you
However, besides your wallet, AC power can be harmful to your health. Air conditioning makes it great in your car and that’s great in the summer, but it can make you sick. The temperature inside and outside the car varies so much that a change in temperature can make you sick. However, there is a very simple solution: turn off the AC power five minutes before you arrive at your destination. This way you can gradually get used to the external temperature again before you get out of the car. Of course, you can also turn off the AC when driving to save both illness and fuel.



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