The body system really needs Vitamin D to work effectively. It is not inbuilt so therefore it is important
to take nutrients that are components of Vitamin D. It is absorbed from sunlight and more reason why it
is recommended to have a walk for some minutes daily. Although, Vitamin D is noted to be pivotal to
the human health, its amount for consumption is still yet to be ascertained. This is well known to cure
depression, anxiety, fatigue and other emotional illness and in fact cancer as reported. So the imperative
of the compounds and its usage is discussed thus:
What is Vitamin D and Why do I need it?
Vitamin D is a conglomeration of fat-soluble Vitamin that helps in promoting the capacity of the body to
absorb minerals like calcium, magnesium and other related. It is observed that by the time we take in
vitamin D to the body, it got converted to calcitriol which is the active form of vitamin D whereby the
calcitriol further make the body to produce some amount of proteins in the alimentary canal whose
assignment is to move calcium from the inner side of the intestine through its wall to the blood. Hence,
Vitamin D is said to be very essential to the body as it helps to maintain bone health and other
cardiovascular diseases.
The source of Vitamin D
The well known source of Vitamin D is sunlight. It is observed that when the skin is exposed to sunlight
ultraviolent rays, the synthesis is been triggered and some amount of this vitamin can be absorbed.
More also, some foods are rich in Vitamin D which includes dietary products like oil fish, egg, chicken
and others. To some people, the appropriate way to get it can be through supplement via multivitamin
The nature of deficiency in Vitamin D
It is observed that not having enough Vitamin D nutrients in the body can lead to effects that are with
respect to ages; like old age person can experience loss in bone density which can be due to inability to
spend some time in the sun or young children who can experience rickets or osteomalacia. More also,
people with dark skin and those that can’t absorb calcium properly (when affected with celiac disease)
are noted to have lower levels of Vitamin D in the body, hence they are advised to always take
The symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency
When you have a deficiency in Vitamin D levels in the body system, the following symptoms are what
you should notice and work towards. They include:
– Fatigue
– Muscle pain
– Depression

– Regular sickness
– Loss of hairs
– When your back and bones pains you often
So if these symptoms persist, it may lead into diseases like:
– Diabetes
– Hypertension
– Fibromyalgia
– Osteoporosis
– Obesity
– Cancers like breast and colon cancers.
Can there be too much of Vitamin D consumption?
We need to know that there is variation in amount of Vitamin D that can be taken due to factors like
geographical location, race and ages. The body possesses some cells which help to regulate the levels of
the Vitamin D consumed. Nonetheless, it is recommended to have a quantifiable amount of the
consumption like for adults, it is opined to be 800 IU (International Units), for infants – 400 IU
(International Units) and young children – 600 IU (International Units). You need to also know that
when you have high levels of Vitamin D, you are prone to have abdominal pain or often urination.
What are the importances of Vitamin D to the body system?
Its importance cannot be overemphasized because of the numerous benefits which are discussed thus:
1. It maintains the health bone: It is very effective in building up the health bone whereby it helps
to regulate and maintain the levels of calcium and phosphorous across the blood which serves as a good
factor for maintaining bone health.

2. Reduction in being prone to diabetes: It was observed that the presence of Vitamin D helps to
maintain the body system by having a lower risk of being affected by diabetes. It promotes the
metabolism through insulin and glucose and hence making it safe from diabetes.
3. It aid prevention from cancer: Vitamin D is very essential in curbing cancer through its effect on
the immune system of the body and it also helps to regulate the growth of the cells and thereby slow
the growth and development of new blood vessels in cancerous tissue which increase the death of cancer cells

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