What You Need To Know About Notary And How You Can Make Money From It

What You Need To Know About Notary And How You Can Make Money From It.

Some people might think notary task is meant for specific a person which is not true. Anyone can be a notary and earn money from it. You can do it for a side hustle purpose or additional business service. There is no limitation to doing this as they are people out there making money through this opportunity, it can be you today. You can actually make money by being a notary public.

In the quest to explain the clearer ways that can be followed to be a notary and how to make money from it, this article shall discuss the necessary terms and procedures required to be a notary public and get paid. This article shall also discuss what you need to know before you take decision of becoming a notary public or not. It will give you more insights about the responsibilities of notary public and how you can do it to earn you extra money. You don’t necessarily need to bother yourself much; this article shall get you covered with the relevant information about notary.

As we all know that there are numerous ways to earn money and it is clear that being a notary public is one of the ways. So if you wish to be a notary public, you have decided to earn more money is what it means. You might choose to operate as a part time contractor and become independent which gives you the opportunity to work at your own convenience time or you work full time in an administrative capacity with any firm. And as a notary, you are bond to have access to various ways that you can generate money from which only requires your commitment and steadfastness.

You only need to look into how to can promote yourself that would demand people to hire you which means your tendency of earning extra money from this job depends on how efficient you are. This is why this article shall elaborate the ways you can make money as a notary public.

What Does Notary Means?

The simple meaning of a notary is someone that is legally accepted by the government to witness the signing of documents and they are typically called “notary public”. This means that as a notary public, your task is to watch over the signing of any documents and that shows you notarizes documents in public and even private. The essence of this job is to properly monitor the signing of documents process and if possible help to protect fraud that might arise during the process. Sometimes, notary public are said to be known as fraud detector because they will stand to maintain proper records of legal documents.

These types of legal documents are the documents we all know which include house rents agreements, bank loans, car loans, land deeds, business contracts and so on.

What Is The Function of A Notary?

Your task as a notary or notary public includes:

–         Be present at the signing of legal documents.

–         Making sure the people that sign the documents are the authentic signatures.

–         Making sure that those that sign the documents have knowledge about what they are signing and the reason why they are signing it.

Where Can You Get A Notary?

There are various places that operate notary job and it can even be in your immediate city or town. Some of the places are:

–         Banks or Credit Unions

–         Those police stations around you

–         Most of the public libraries you see around

–         Most of those organizations that you are a member such as military, schools and so on

–         Court offices

–         Insurance agents

–         Car dealers and many more

How To Become A Notary Public?

You only need to know some few procedures before you can be a notary public. However, you need to know that the application methods and fees differ according to states so you need to be sure of the process in your area before signing up. For example, in the USA, the regulatory agency – National Notary Association (NNA) regulates how people can be a notary.

Although, the general procedures to become a notary in most states include:

a)     Be a legal resident of the state you want to become a notary and must be 18years old or above.

b)    You must not have any criminal case

Meanwhile, some states can allow residents that are not from their state to operate if the person has any legal business in that state. Above all, verify the requirement in the state to want to operate notary from for more insights.

What Is The Application Process of Becoming A Notary?

Firstly you need to meet the state’s requirement, after that you should following the following processes:

–         You need to firstly fill and mail an application form to the state’s office you desire to be a notary from.

–         Go for a training course and pass the exam (if your state required it)

–         Some of these training courses can cost you up to $100 or $200

–         You also need to secure a surety bond.  The purpose of this bond is to serve as insurance against any error that might occur during operation. Depending on your state, the charge for this might be up to $100 or less.

–         Then you go for background check and get your notary seal when your application is approved.

How Much Are We Talking About?

The nature of how much you earn as a notary depends on some factors which include where you live, the type of documents you notarizes, who you work for and others. However, the major fact about this is that how much you can make as a notary is determined by how much you can charge for a signature. Although, each state has their own regulations but it is observed that a notary public can charge up to $3 to $5 per signature. Therefore, depending on the state you are operating from, you can make up to $22 per hour as a notary in a day.

As A Mobile Notary, How Much Can You Make?

People that engage as a mobile notary are free to charge travel fees in some states. This means that if you are a mobile notary, you have to travel to different places to notarize documents and get paid. Due to the fact that you travel around, you have the ability to charge more and earn more money.

Ways You Can Earn Money As A Notary Public

When you are certified as a notary, there are various ways you can earn money and they include:

–         Officiate Weddings: It is possible for you as a notary to earn money through this process. You only need to make sure the wedding is taking place in your local state and the wedding license must be issued by a local authority from the state. You only need to offer notary service by officiating the wedding event through witnessing and signing weddings that are legal. You can also help them conduct the filling of the wedding documents too.

–           Advertise your service with local mediums: A good way for you to earn money as a notary is when you advertise your services with the local advertising platforms in your state. You can design business cards and flyers and put it at local business areas.  This is because the people in your area need to know you offer notary service and that is why you deserve to show out your capacity. Some of the local business you can advertise your service at includes public libraries, restaurants or bars, law firms, engineering firms, financial outlets, insurance agencies, medical offices and many more.

–         Be A Notary Signing Agent: You have the ability to be at a higher level with your notary public credentials which you can use to get certified as a signing agent. This would earn you more money as you will get certified to sign loan documents. It became necessary since the changes in recent financial regulations whereby some documents require certified signing agent instead of notary public. Therefore, as a certified signing agent, you have access to sign mortgage applications/loans and earn more money from it.

–         Become A Mobile Notary: You are entitled to be a mobile notary where you can travel to places to notarize documents. In fact, it is a good opportunity for you when you have a means of transportation as you would be able to charge your client more money. The fee might ranges from $40 to $80 depending on the nature of the distance. However, this would enable you to earn more money as you will be paid for inconveniences of the service apart from the standard notary fee.

–         You Can Transcribe Depositions and Affidavits: People that have insights about legal terms and knowledge are bound to enjoy this most as you will have to transcribe and notarize depositions and affidavits which would help the attorneys to fast track the court trials. In a nutshell, your task is to transcribe and notarize court documents for a certain amount of money. A typically example of it is when you transcribe and sign depositions and affidavits provided by witnesses before the case go to court. The good part of it is that your signature as a notary helps to maintain the integrity of the legal process.

–         You Can Be A Field Inspector: It is possible for you as a notary public to work as a field inspector. What you only need to do is by doing survey for properties you want to notarize the documents. Such properties might include residential, commercial or underdeveloped property. During the process, you will be paid for providing measurements and descriptions of those properties and you will also be paid for verifying and authenticating the business addresses.  

–         Be Available On Weekends and Holidays: A good way to earn money as a notary public is when you are available for service on weekends or holidays. This is because most of the individuals or businesses are only having chance on weekends or holidays when there would be no official work so you can easily help them to notarize their documents and get money from it. This simply means that they would be interested to engage freelance notary public like you since their regular notary could be off duty.


Anything you wish to do is all about determination. You can earn money by being a notary public as you’ve seen in this article. Although, there is limitation to how much you can charge per document, the simple fact is that there is need for notaries and you can make it up. There are various ways you can earn money as a notary, choose your choice and get it done.


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