What Can You Do About Excessive Sweating? Try These Antiperspirant Tips

What Can You Do About Excessive Sweating? Try These Antiperspirant Tips

Do you always have those sweat spots in your shirt?
After riding a bike in a hurry when it is 30 degrees Celsius outside, after a trip to the gym with your friend who is not fit for madness or during a very important presentation at work, you are likely to sweat a lot. do not worry! This is quite normal, although some people break the sweat more easily than others. Does all sweating hinder you in your daily life? It can be a big nuisance.

Lead sweats!
The reasons
There are many causes of excessive sweating. A hot summer day or some exercise at the gym can cause it. Moreover, emotions like fear, stress or excitement can make you sweat. Finally, there are also some medical causes of excessive sweating: certain types of medication, menopause or weight gain.

Too much
Do you have a feeling that you are sweating the most? This is possible because everyone is not the same. It is difficult to determine the level of sweating that we can say is excessive sweating. Sweat can’t really be measured this way. GP Edwin de Vaal explains the command for He says that someone sweats excessively when faced with social consequences: avoid certain events because they can cause sweating.

What can you do about it?
First things first: Discover the causes of sweating. Do you think you are sweating due to weight gain? Try to lose some weight. Do you sweat because you are afraid or nervous? Get a source of it to stop sweating. When these factors don’t seem to apply to you, try some antiperspirant tips:
Wear light clothing made of cotton, wool or linen.
Do not drink too much caffeine or alcohol.
Avoid spicy or spicy.
Wear clean clothes often.
Use deodorant containing aluminum salts and apply it just before going to bed.
Wash regularly but use soap in small amounts.
Dry yourself thoroughly after bathing or washing.

None of the tips help, but do you want to get rid of this excessive sweating anyway? Visit your doctor. According to De Vaal, this is not strange at all, because there are many institutions that offer treatments for excessive sweating. Consult your GP first before taking such treatment as it can help you to find out the best treatment.


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