Ways Your vitamin D Level Can Be Effectively Increased

Ways Your vitamin D Level Can Be Effectively Increased

Vitamin D is part of the very essential nutrient that your body needs and this nutrients functions in the body building and also maintaining more stronger and healthy bones. The defficiency of  this vitamin is a big challenge in the world at atlarge where we have about 13 percent of the world population lacking this vitamin D in the body
And below is some ways that have been highlighted that can be use to boost the vitamin D level in our body

1. EXPOSURE TO SUNLIGHTElementarily and basically, the source of vitamin D have always been associated to sunlight. Infact majority believes or thinks Sun is the only source of the vitamin because of therw conectivity. The important of sun cannot be over emphasized because even the vitamin D that is gotten from sunlight last twice longer than that gotten from supplements and food.

SKIN TONE AND AGE: It is known that lighter people doesn’t need as much exposure to sunlight compared to the dark people because of the melanin in there body which inhibits the production of vitamin DAnd with respect to the age, the efficiency of vitamin D in younger ones is more pronounce compare to the older ones.

GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION: The more you are closer to the equator, the more the exposure of sunlight you will be exposed to and this increases the amount of vitamin D you get but once you are far more away from the sun, it reduces your exposure  to the sun light and such the quantity of vitamin D u are exlosed to.

SUNSCREEN AND CLOTHING: Even though it is okay to try to protect your body from skin cancer due to serial exposure to sun, but this exposure do in so many cases hinders the production of vitamin D. Therefore in the course of protecting our selves against the sun rays, we should do that with more lighter means that will permit the production of vitamin D in the body.

2. FATTY FISHFish is known basically as a vitamin given food and this vutamin comes from the fatty acid found in the body of the fish.Taking this fish about3 to 4 times in the weeks gives the body abundant vitamin D that is requiredAnd the examples of the types of fish include:TunaMackerel SardineSalmon Herring.

3. FRUITS AND VEGETABLESThese foods are real and good source of vitamins.These foods can be eating as a whole or supplements with other flours. This foods could be beneficial when these food are taken as snacks for the old and young.Below are some of the examples of such fruits and vegetables That could be a good source of vitamin D in the bodyCerealBreadOrange juiceSoy milkMushroomsTofu

4. ULTRA VIOLET LIGHT AND BULBThis Artificial U.V ray bulb and light are always use to pass vitamin D properly to those who have been very ill and could not have the strength to absorb energy Width and length of this lamp are 17 inches and 25 inches respectively with high level of UV rays emmission and this uv rays could be risky as well, therefore it is only use on good medical doctors recommendation or prescriptions. 

5. EAT EGG YOLK IN DIET This apparently is a very good source of vitamin D that you can add into your daily meal intake.Egg yold have different variaties of vitamin D content. The exposure of the birds or chicken that produce the egg also matters with regards to the amounts of vitamin D content that will be present in its yolk.And apart from the sunlight exposure, the chicken feeds and supplements also have a vreat role to play in the vitamin D contents of the chickens egg yolk and taking the egg yolk with meal can also serve as a very good source of vitamin D in the body

6. EAT MORE MUSHROOM These are basically the only completely plant base source of the vitamin D, on exposure to UV light, just like humans, mushroom also generate there own type of vitamin D using UV light. Even though they both are known to raise the level of vitamin D in the body, the D3 produce by man on exposure to UV light raises the vitamin D level than the D2 produce by the mushrooms.The wild mushrooms always serve as a better source of vitamin D compared to the commercially grown one because the wild mushroom which grows wildly in the bush have more potential to generate vitamin D due to it more exposure to sunlight.
In Conclusion:Vitamin D is a very important and very essential nutrient that most people in the world doesn’t get enough of it. So, always try as much as possible to boost your vitamin D with the combinations of all the ways we have discussed above


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