Ways For Kids To Make Money With Survey Sites And 21 Legitimate Sites Really Pay 6 To 13 Years Of Age Children

Yes, there are real ways for kids to make money these days, especially on the internet.

This article looks at many ways that really help children make money online, especially when conducting questionnaires.

If you are looking for this information for your children or you are a child yourself, yes, you will learn a lot from reading this article.

Most importantly, apart from showing how to make money as a child while conducting online surveys, it also shows you which real survey sites you pay for.

Yes, there are many polling sites that promise that the world is either a blunt trick that does not pay at all or is not worth the time.

Even if you kid has all the time in the world you spend, you certainly do not want to waste your time and log on to these sites.

Fortunately, you do not have to, as soon as you listen to the tips in this article.

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Aside from the useful tips in this article, it also offers you up to 20 paid online survey sites that really pay for children.

How People Earn Money Through Online Surveys

It’s simple, really …

Companies that manufacture products and services always want to know what consumers and products are saying – to help companies make the necessary improvements.

To reach the right people who give them the right feedback, they employ online survey services and market research firms.

Then online survey and market research companies recruit ordinary people to provide such feedback to product / service creators and pay for their time.

This is the way to make money online through surveys, in short.

There is nothing complicated or fraudulent by raising funds through conducting surveys, when doing so correctly and when doing so through a proper survey or market research firm.

Comments from the right people help companies improve or even produce better products … allowing them to earn more money.

Companies do not do this because they want to give money completely free.

Instead, they do it, to help them improve or make better products, helping them to get more money.

That’s why surveys are not conducted for money anywhere, anytime soon.

People have always done this and will always do this – for money.

And guess what – children are also conducting online surveys for money, where you will learn from the rest of this article.

Why children can make money from online surveys (tip – billions of dollars)

There are many reasons of course, but the simple reason is – companies also want to hear what children themselves are saying about their products and services … to help companies make improvements!

Apart from improvements, these feedback also helps companies to produce entirely new products needed by children, such as children’s debit cards or prepaid cards, that help children start learning how to manage money.

These companies are willing to pay a lot of money, to hear the views of children, just as much money is paid to hear the ideas and opinions of adults.

In case you do not know, the number of children in the world at the moment is in billions. In fact, UNICEF has estimated that figure at 2.2 billion, up to 2017.

This is a lot of children, do not you say?

To what extent do you think companies are selling products and services targeting these 2.2 billion children?

Plenty of billions of dollars, of course.

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If they earn billions of dollars, why do not you think they will not spend hundreds of millions of dollars (or even much more) doing research on how they can make better products?

Of course you will, easily!

Internet survey companies charge hundreds of millions of people to listen to children like you

So, go – companies pay online and market research companies to conduct surveys and market research.

Comments from these surveys and market research allow companies to hear directly from parents and children alike about what they like about their products, what they do not like, what improvements they want to see, etc.

All these help companies to satisfy more children with their products … As a result, earn more money.

So, yes, companies are willing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars, to hear what your kids are saying just like you about their products and services.

You can also get some hundreds of millions of dollars by conducting surveys online

Because most companies and brands are innovative and innovative, they always need the comments and opinions of consumers like you, to help them improve their products and even produce better products.

They can not work in a vacuum. Without feedback from people like you and me, we will not have great products today.

Just as adults make money by providing such feedback through online surveys, children can also share feedback through the same survey sites … and get money.


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