The innovation that surrounds the wearable outlook can’t be overemphasized. The trends in 2018 have brought out more optimism with regards to the technological development whereby it is expected that there ought to be continuous advancement by companies to create the best possible smartwatch experience that crams more onto your wrist. Indeed, smartwatches are unarguably a mainstream tech category this year leaving so much choice when you are willing to choose a smartwatch for yourself.
Wearables continues to soar higher in tech facets as smartwatches get more smarter whilst fitness trackers track even more making it more fantasy. There are millions of wearables suggested by different people that would make market this year and in fact, the predictions keep going daily. Considering the fact that Google keeps updating their software with fascinating outlook and smartphones gather more momentum, the wearables has also been in front lines of innovative devices and some of what to expect in this year are thus:
1. APPLE WATCH 5: With the features of Apple Watch Series 4 like ECG monitor that can unlock the ability for serious heart health monitoring, GPS plus locally stored music already onboard. What should now be the addition to these features?
One of the most required improvements is the battery life as it expected that Apple can still offer more battery life to its products. It is also expected that deeper music streaming integration is added to it for offline music storage on the watch for Spotify, Tidal and more. Also, there is anticipation of a feature that can help to measure people for blood sugar test which will be essential for those with diabetes. These, we expect as Apple is on its journey to launch Apple Watch 5 late this year.

2. GOOGLE PIXEL WATCH: It is obvious that the officially branded Google pixel watch didn’t come alongside with Pixel 3 last year and we are now hopeful on a 2019 release with the Pixel 4 which will promote the Wear OS with hardware integration offering a faster performance and more battery efficiency. We are also expecting more features like in-display fingerprint reader, swim-proofing, NFC payments, Garmin level fitness tracking and rotating crown.

3. APPLE AIRPODS 2: There is indication from a reliable source who is the Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo who reiterated the possibility of Apple to launch a new pair of AirPods this year. It is expected to come with a wireless charging feature whereby you can get it charged without the need for any wires at all which will make it more efficient since its battery is small and the charging duration would be short. AirPods 2 is also expected to come with a newer version of Bluetooth for easy connectivity plus a projection of better battery life.


4. GARMIN FENIX 6: One of the best GPS watches with fascinating features like mapping, smart location, contactless payments and music storage is the Garmin Fenix 5X Plus with a long battery life. It is now wonderful that with these features, another advance production is on its way from Garmin which is Fenix 6. The launching of Fenix 6 is rumored to be around the end of this year. Meanwhile, the expectation is that this wearable should have a smaller form compared to the former ones that are too big and heavy to wear about every day, so with that, Fenix 6 can change the narrative with its simple form. Also, wireless charging is not a bad idea which will save the digging out of proprietary cable. We also expect features that can include new sensors for blood pressure and sweat which can make it more efficient than the present Fenix 5X.

5. New Microsoft HoloLens Sydney: The new Microsoft’s latest version of HoloLens headset with the nick Sydney is timely and fantastic. It is observed that this new one is more portable and lighter than the previous ones and hence make it more comfortable whilst affordable, albeit we all expect it to possess a significant improvement in its holographic display. In fact, it is assumed this version would reach the target of its users with innovative features likewise having affordable price, around the price of a flagship smartphone which is £1,000mark. Certainly, this 2019 is expected to be a year of more advanced tech of the product.

6. WT2 Real-time In-ear Translator: This anticipated product is finally going to be realistic in this year, hopefully. It is assumed to bring to light, the Star Trek universal translator and would be able to offer real-time conversion translation all from the in-ear system which means when someone speaks, you will be able to hear it in your own local language, then respond with your own dialect too, and if the other person is also using the headset, they will hear your response back in their native language too, what a fantastic tech! In fact, if WT2 work perfectly as planned by the manufactures, it would help to curb the language barrier across the world. Meanwhile, it is said to be launched with capacity of offering real-time translation via a smartphone with apt internet service. Hopefully, after the launch of 5G network this year, it is a going to be a good time for the translator.

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