Watch Out For These new Tax Scams In 2019

Watch Out For These new Tax Scams In 2019

Cybercrime are a very notorious element especially doing the period of cyber crime.Most business owners may seems not to have a smiling face but this is the part of the year that the cyber criminals smiles and do more of there dirty jobs more easily. This is because they are aware of the various fears in the mind of business owners who does not pay there tax, through that, they will fabricate ways to extort money from business owners in the name of being IRS agents. Therefore many business owners need to be extra careful when filing these tax in other not to fall victim of this fraudulent practices of some mischievous elements.Some of the tricks are as discussed below.


This is a way of trying to defraud tax payers by a means of creating a very similar but fake identify of a website, in doing this, the fraudster or those tax scammers will send an email to potential tax payers in which the email will contain a link that will direct them to a very similar website of the IRS, though a fake one, there for tax payers need to be extra careful. Most of those that impersonate websites are looking for ways in which they can get your credit card information and all other very important details they could use for there fraudulent act. So, be so careful and mindful before you file your tax and seek professional advice when you are in doubt of any process.


To be sincere, this is one of the tax fraudulent act that can be easily avoided when the tax payer is very careful and observant. Because, normally when you are try to use a professional tax  return service, the  tax return preparers is suppose to send a PTIN which is a prepaid tax identification pin in the documents you submit, this pin will be like a reference to the IRS and it shows it authentic, but those that are fraudulent, they will not have access to this PTIN because they are probably not license to receive the payment. So, therefore when you receive such document from a tax return preparers that includes no PTIN should be honored. A ghost prepares will always want to take every opportunity to collect money they are not license to and also put the tax payers into unnecessary trouble and stress.


Some of this impersonators and criminal elements use phones as well, at that period in which most business owners pay there taxes, they will then make a calls to a business owner claiming to an IRS agent and there by bullying and threatening you with deportation, imprisonment just for you to give in your vital informations and or make certain payments or transfers through the phone. So, it should be noted that IRS doesn’t operate this way, don’t get involve in any transactions via mobile call except maybe you are the one that initiate the call and you are  very sure you are talking to an appropriate IRS agent.


If you receive a message or any form of call from someone who claims to be an IRS agent and the person is promising you a very big refund even without seeing your details and records is a fraud and such kind of person should be seriously avoided.


This is another way of making life uncomfortable for people by those scammers and it is in the aspects of donations of charities and that is why you need to properly check the IRS website to ascertain that what ever you are planning to give out is going to a very right place. Make sure you have checked well to be sure you are sending your donations to a very authentic and verified charity home.


Claims of excessive business credit is also a form of scam and at the same time business owners should not also do the same. Do not claim any credits your business do not qualify for. If you do not want to be scam then you should not think of scam among others, design a very responsible business atmosphere for yourself and people around you.


This tax shelters may want to proof to be authentic or legitimate through the use of abusive and authoritative words. Meanwhile they are not in anyway legitimate, have a professional that will give you real information on all the legitimate agents or designed schemes that are put in place to reduce or avoid taxes and should not be intimidated by anyone no matter what happen until you make clear confirmations
The Various tricks above can be avoided as we have said. Don’t be in a haste to make any decision in other not to fall in trap. Your passwords should be very protected and be sure you are not sending any of your personal or business information to someone who you have not verified there authenticity.

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