Washington State Educational Grants – A comprehensive Guide 2024

Are you a student in Washington State aspiring for higher education? Explore the possibilities with Washington State Educational Grants, paving the way for academic success. Discover funding options and support to shape your educational journey. Invest in your future today!

Washington State Educational Grants
Washington State Educational Grants

WA Grant offers financial assistance to eligible resident students pursuing post-high school education. Award amounts depend on income, family size, and the chosen school or program. Noncampus-based apprenticeship program participants are advised to confirm eligibility with their program sponsor for the WA Grant for Apprenticeship. Applications for the 202324 academic year are currently being accepted, and applications for the 202425 academic year will open by December 31, 2023.

Like other states nationwide, Washington State champions diverse scholarships, grants, and college loans for its resident students. These initiatives, sponsored by the state government and administered by the Washington Student Achievement Council, aim to enhance Washington State residents’ access to higher education.


Every student aspiring for college should commence their quest for state or federal financial aid by completing and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form is instrumental in assessing the student’s eligibility for government-funded financial aid and determining the assistance they may receive. Many independent scholarship, grant, and loan providers rely on FAFSA data to decide financial aid awards. Completing the FAFSA as a priority is crucial for college-bound students in their pursuit of funding for higher education.

General Scholarship and Grant Programs

Like numerous states nationwide, Washington offers a range of grants and scholarships for its resident college-bound students. These programs, encompassing merit-based and need-based aid, aim to extend access to a college education for a broader group of deserving students. As with state-based financial aid initiatives, the terms and availability of Washington’s grants and scholarships are contingent on the funding.

Explore the following compilation of general grants and scholarships to provide resident students in Washington with an overview of potential financial aid opportunities.

The Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges

The Opportunity Grant from the Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges is tailored to support economically disadvantaged students in acquiring the training necessary for lucrative and in-demand careers. Eligibility requires residency in Washington State and a family income equal to or below 200% of the federal poverty level. This grant covers funding for up to 45 credit hours at a community college or technical school and an additional $1000 allocated for books and other fees.

The Washington State Opportunity Scholarship

The Washington State Opportunity Scholarship offers financial assistance to students demonstrating the necessary financial need. This $1000 scholarship specifically supports low to middle-income students pursuing bachelor’s degrees in high-demand fields such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and healthcare.

The College Bound Scholarship in Washington

The College Bound Scholarship in Washington State is accessible to 7th and 8th-grade low-income students who commit to completing high school and attending college. The total tuition cost minus any other eligible financial aid determines award amounts. After reassessing the student’s family income and high school transcripts upon graduation, final awards are granted.

The Washington State’s Need Grant

Washington State’s Need Grant is open to low-income undergraduate students with a family income below 70% of the state median. Eligibility requires enrollment at a participating state institution, and award amounts, ranging from $1412 to $7882, vary based on the chosen college or university.

The American Indian Endowed Scholarship

The American Indian Endowed Scholarship is accessible to Native American students pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies at an accredited state college or university. Awards, ranging from $500 to $2000, are determined based on financial need.

Subject-specific financial aid programs

Numerous states, including Washington, endorse financial aid initiatives tailored to support students pursuing specific career paths. These initiatives may manifest as scholarships, loans, or loan repayment plans, often structured as award-for-service programs. Participants commit to serving in high-need professions within the state in exchange for the provided financial aid.

Presently, Washington State backs the following career-specific financial aid programs.

The Washington Aerospace Loan Program

The Washington Aerospace Loan Program offers low-interest loans to Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center resident students. Students can secure loans of up to $4800 to cover specific training costs in various aerospace production fields.

The Health Professional Loan Repayment Program

The Health Professional Loan Repayment Program offers partial loan forgiveness to licensed healthcare professionals committing to deliver primary healthcare services in rural or underserved urban areas. Loan repayments are contingent upon fulfilling the agreed-upon term of service.

The John R. Justice State Loan Repayment Program

The John R. Justice State Loan Repayment Program provides partial loan forgiveness to licensed attorneys who commit to a three-year term of service in the state prosecutor’s office or as a public defender. Award amounts are subject to the availability of state funds.

Washington State back Washington State backs various financial aid programs for its resident students. Alongside the programs mentioned, the Washington Student Achievement Council oversees various Federal initiatives like the Pell Grant and the Federal TEACH Grant. Committed to aiding resident students in securing funds for higher education, Washington State encourages students to explore the dedicated website of the Washington Student Achievement Council for comprehensive information on college preparation and financial aid applications.


To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • File your FAFSA or WASFA annually.
  • Submit additional information to our office if selected for verification.
  • Have a family income equal to or less than 100% MFI, according to the Washington College Grant table.
  • Be a Washington State resident.
  • Enroll as an undergraduate student in an eligible program with a minimum of 3 credits.
  • Be pursuing your first bachelor’s degree (previous fund usage at another institution will impact remaining eligibility at WSU).
  • Not pursue a degree in Theology.
  • For more details, visit WSAC’s website.

Conditions of Awards

  • No refund or repayment is owed on the Washington College Grant, Pell Grant, or Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant.
  • Not in default on loans under Perkins, Federal Direct, or Federal Family Education Loan programs.
  • Not in default on loans through state conditional loan or conditional scholarship programs.
  • Repayment of all or part of the grant may be required if withdrawal occurs before the census.
  • An option is voluntary financial contributions to WSAC to acknowledge the Washington College Grant award.
  • Grant offer is subject to fund availability; WSAC and the institution may modify the grant due to funding limitations or changes in eligibility.
  • Not pursuing a degree in Theology.
  • Complete degree requirements within ten semesters.
  • For more details, refer to WSAC’s website.

Frequently asked questions

What types of educational grants does Washington State offer?

Washington State provides various grants, including need-based, subject-specific, and scholarships supporting different career paths.

How do I apply for Washington State educational grants?

To apply, you typically start by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA), depending on your eligibility.

Are there grants specifically for low-income students in Washington?

Yes, programs like the Washington State Need Grant target low-income undergraduate students, providing financial assistance based on family income.

Can I apply for grants if I’m pursuing a career in aerospace in Washington?

Yes, the Washington Aerospace Loan Program offers low-interest loans to residents pursuing training at the Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center.

Are there grants for Native American students in Washington?

The American Indian Endowed Scholarship caters to Native American students pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies at accredited state institutions.

Is there a limit to how many semesters I can receive a Washington College Grant?

Washington College Grant recipients are typically encouraged to complete degree requirements within 10 semesters.

Can I make voluntary contributions in recognition of my Washington College Grant award?

Yes, you can make voluntary financial contributions to WSAC, which will be used to assist other students.

What should I do if I decide to withdraw from classes after receiving a Washington College Grant?

Withdrawals before the census may require repayment of all or a portion of the grant.

Conclusion on the Washington State Educational Grants.

Washington State offers diverse educational grants, scholarships, and financial aid programs to support students in pursuing their higher education goals. From need-based grants to subject-specific financial assistance, the state is committed to making college accessible for many students. The application process typically involves completing the FAFSA or WASFA, and eligibility criteria may vary based on factors like income, residency, and chosen field of study.

Students must stay informed about the specific grants available, their eligibility criteria, and any program updates or changes. Whether it’s the Washington State Need Grant, aerospace training support, or grants for Native American students, exploring the various opportunities can greatly assist in funding educational pursuits.

Additionally, students should be aware of conditions attached to grants, such as the ten-semester completion guideline for Washington College Grants, voluntary contribution options, and potential repayment requirements in case of withdrawals. For the latest and most accurate information, students are encouraged to visit the dedicated website of the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) and connect with the institutions through which they are applying for grants.


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