Washing Powder or Liquid Detergent: Which is best to Use?

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In this article, we will be providing the right answer, once and for all. When we are talking about laundry, almost everyone has their favorite detergent they love using. There are some people who usually prefer a washing powder, while others swear by a liquid variant. The fact is that washing powder is generally a cheaper option. But which of the two options really cleans your laundry the best? We will explain this for you.

Washing with a liquid detergent

Yes, it smells delicious, very much available with an infinite number of scents and variants, and is very easy to use. Liquid detergent is the favorite of most people. Do you know the reason? It is because the detergent can effectively clean laundry at a low temperature. The downside to liquid detergent is the price. Almost everyone pours too much detergent into the washing machine. This is a shame, because it does little good for neither the washing machine nor your wallet.

Washing with a powder detergent

Meanwhile, washing powder is often cheaper than liquid detergent. It enables the laundry to smell nice, makes the washing clean and is more durable than the liquid option. The negative side of washing powder is that it does not dissolve easily when washing laundry at a low temperature. It can even stain your clothes if too much washing powder has been used, and has not properly dissolved.

What is the best choice?

All in all, both products have advantages and disadvantages. Meanwhile do you know which is best to get your laundry as clean as possible? That basically depends on the temperature at which you wash. Are you going to run a hot wash? Then choose the powder variant. Are you someone that usually spins a laundry at 30`c? Then choose a liquid variant. By this way, you will always have a clean wash and your washing machine will last longer.

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