Various Ways You Can Reduce Cortisol In Your Body


Cortisol which is the stress hormone that is released by the adrenal gland which helps your body to deal with stress situations. your brain trigger it realease im response to so many stress. It is of advantage but in general it is of more disadvantage to the body than it advantage especially when the level is too high for a very long period of time. Basically, Corstisol which is produce by the body when stressed is an evolutionary programming that is put in place to response and act as fast as possible in cases of danger or trouble. It is a very important important stress hormone that even help in maintaining our body homeostasis. Other very important functions of this hormone includes; it effects on the body blood pressure, central nervous system function activity, heart function as well as blood vessel functions.

Despite the very good effect of this hormone in the body, it is still very harmful when it gets too much in the body. Mainly, when the stress level is extremely high, it can produce this hormone in a very large quantity which is not in any way good for the body system and thus leads to a number of negative side effect on the body system which includes; depression, cognitive complications such as impaired memory, elevated cholesterol, anxiety, depression and immune system damage among others. Therefore it is always very important to make sure we keep our cortisol level stable. High level cortisol may also cause high weight gain, disturb sleep and also maybe be a causes of diabetes.
Even in very rare cases, very high cortisol level may leads to Cushing’s syndrome.

However there are many things that can be done to reduce your level of cortisol, because it is very important to try as much as possible to keep your level of cortisol stable. And the ways includes;

  1. Slight Exercise:

Slight excercise is required when you want to reduce the level of cortisol in the body, because when the exercise is much, it can increase the level of the cortisol. But basically in unfit individual, cortisol still increases even with slight exercise and this why it will be very recommended that an individaul see his or her physician in other to know how best they can reduce there level of cortisol depending on your general health condition which can be best known by your Physician.

  1. Relaxing more Frequently:

Alot of relaxation exercise have proven to be very effective in reducing cortisol level in the body and this is the reason why it is always good to try and relax well. Taking a very deep breath have been seen to be very effective in the course to reduce cortisol in the body as well.
Others such as massage therapy and yoga have been seen to also reduce cortisol level in the body and just as researchers have also proven that constant participation in tai chi can also be very effective in balancing the cortisol level in the body.
You can also relax your self with cool music as that has also try to work well according to various studies to reduce the level of cortisol in man and woman.

  1. Have Fun and Stay Happy:

Being very happy is another way to reduce the level of cortisol in the body, there have been studies that shows that 18 healthy adult shows cortisol decrease in response to laughter therefore any activities that will makes you happy and improve your quality of life as an individual will also help in a significant number of ways to reduce the level of cortisol in your body.

In a way to have some fun as well, you can develop a form of hobby that will give you happiness and fun, this will further more helps to reduce the level of cortisol in the body and some of this hobbies include taking up gardening.

Connecting With People:
Trying to connect and mingling well around people is a very good way to reduce the level of cortisol in the body, because basically isolation have been observed to cause more increase in the level of cortisol which will in turn be very harmful to the body system.

This is the reason why, those individual who are socially isolated tends to have this high cortisol, hence the need to mingle them with people, socialize them with the individuals in the society. social relationship which is very useful for the mental stability of individuals helps in so many ways to increase the stability of the cortisol to remain normal and well balance in the body.

Healthy Eating:
Eating very healthy food that constitute a well balance diet in the body also go along way in reducing the cortisol level in the body. The various foods such as; citrus fruits, berries, egg, lean meat, berry and many more fruits and vegetables helps in a number of ways to keep up with a well balance cortisol in the body and it will not make it high, instead it reduce it making it well balance.

Eating high fiber and protein go along way to reduce unnecessary cravings for excess food which can lead to increase in the cortisol and hence excess carbohydrates should be very much avoided.

Sufficient Sleep:
Sleeping well is also a very important factor for the general well being of the entire body system. An average sleep of between 7 to 9 hours daily is very recommended for individuals and once that is not met it can result into the production of some negative response to the body. The lack of adequate sleep can be so harmful to the body and it can also results to the increase in cortisol level.

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Infact, expert advice that, there should be a constant routine for sleep, from your week days to weekends and try as much as possible to adhere to this routine. It will increase the healthy nature of the body and hence reduce the cortisol level in the body system as well.

For more important ideas on how to reduce the cortisol level in the body always get in touch with your Doctor so as to know the best tactic that is most suitable for you.


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