Best Universities For International Students In Canada 2023

Do you want to study at one of the best universities for international students in Canada? This guide will walk you through the top universities in Canada for international students to study and pursue their dream careers. 

Canada has approximately 500,000 international students, making it a popular study destination for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs. The country is known for its world-class education, which includes an exclusive study environment, student activities, infrastructure, and facilities. 

As the country’s economy grows rapidly, there are more job opportunities for international students in Canada. Canadian diploma and degree programs are globally recognized and highly valued by employers worldwide. 

Let us now delve into this guide to learn more about Canada’s best universities for international students.

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Top 10+ Best Universities For International Students In Canada

University Of Toronto

The University of Toronto is the only Canadian institution in the top 20 of the World University Rankings 2023. The University of Toronto is organized as a collegiate system, similar to prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, such as Oxford and Cambridge. Each of the seven colleges has its history and tradition. 

International students make up about 25% of the University’s student body. The University offers over 700 undergraduate and 200 postgraduate degrees, ranked as one of the best in the world for medicine. Across the University’s three campuses, students can join over 1,000 different student associations and clubs.

University of British Columbia

At the University of British Columbia, approximately 33% of students are international. The University is home to eight Nobel laureates, 71 Rhodes scholars, and 65 Olympic medalists. The University of British Columbia has two campuses: one in Vancouver and one in Okanagan. On the Vancouver campus, there are 12 faculties, and there are seven more on the Okanagan campus.

The University offers a unique joint undergraduate program in collaboration with Sciences Po in Paris. Among the faculties at the University are applied science, education, music, nursing, the arts, law, and medicine. The Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award is available to candidates from war-torn countries. UBC educated three Canadian prime ministers, including current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who earned a Bachelor of Education degree.

Universities For International Students In Canada

McGill University

McGill University has students from over 150 countries. The University was established in 1821. The main campus is in downtown Montreal at the foot of Mount Royal. Students in their first year can live on the park-like campus.

McGill University established the nation’s first faculty of medicine in 1829, and the University continues to rank highly in world rankings for clinical subjects to this day. More than 300-degree subjects are available to more than 31,000 students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University. 

Students can take advantage of various services, including the Career Planning Service, the Office for Students with Disabilities, and the Academic Advising Service. McGill graduates include singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen and actor William Shatner. In addition, the University educates the most Rhodes scholars of any Canadian institution.

McMaster University

Hamilton, Ontario, is home to McMaster University. More than 90 countries are represented among the students and faculty. The University is named after William McMaster, a prominent Canadian senator, and banker who contributed C$900,000 to the establishment’s establishment. 

McMaster University has a world-renowned medical school and faculties of engineering, business, humanities, social sciences, and science. The University places a strong emphasis on research that addresses some of society’s most pressing needs, particularly in the field of health sciences. The University has 70 international exchange agreements with universities all over the world.

University of Montreal

The primary teaching language at the University of Montreal is French. International students account for one-quarter of all students at the University. With over 36,000 students enrolled, the University of Montreal is the country’s second-largest University in terms of the student population. 

The University has three affiliated fraternities and sororities and a students’ union representing undergraduate and postgraduate students. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students can live on campus full-time. University sports are prevalent; the Carabins compete in badminton, Canadian football, and hockey, among other sports. Among its alumni are former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and ten Quebec premiers.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta in Edmonton is a comprehensive university that offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduates academic programs. It has 18 faculties spread across five campuses, four of which are in Edmonton and one in Camrose. 

It has received recognition in various subject areas, including paleontology, forestry, transplantation, and sports-related disciplines. UAlberta has a distinguished faculty of native studies that focuses on Aboriginal experiences, culture, and language. 

UAlberta has a strong research focus and addresses fundamental questions about social change, human health, and knowledge advancement for all. The University of Alberta, as one of the best universities in Canada for international students, has the most advanced facilities, with approximately 40,000 students, including over 7,000 international students, who can make significant contributions to the world. 

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University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa, Université d’Ottawa, is the world’s largest bilingual research university. The University offers over 450 programs in English and French across ten faculties, including medicine, engineering, social science, and Canada’s most prominent law school. The University manages 40 research centers with over $300 million in sponsored research income. The Ottawa Health Institute and the Heart Institute at the University of Ottawa provide excellent practice, resulting in a high-ranking medical-doctoral program. 

UOttawa graduates are employed at a rate of 97 percent, supplying the best minds to various industries. After all, students at this top University in Canada have the best opportunities to learn practical industry skills through university programs. Its cooperative education program exposes students to paid work placements in fields related to their studies.

Waterloo University 

The University of Waterloo has always been on the cutting edge of innovation, emphasizing transformational research and inspired learning. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Program is well-known at the University. Times Higher Education Magazine ranked the program as one of the top 75 in the world. It also has one of the largest academic co-op programs in the world. 

Waterloo has over 100 undergraduate programs and 190 graduate programs. It administers academic programs through six faculties and 12 faculty-based schools. Due to its location in the heart of Canada’s technology hub, the University provides an excellent platform for students to deepen their work-based learning. 

Calgary University 

The University of Calgary, a comprehensive research university, is one of the world’s top 250 universities. The University is well-known for its engineering, business, dance, and kinesiology programs. International students make up about 10% of the University’s student body. 

The University has four campuses in the Calgary, Alberta area, with a fifth in Doha, Qatar. The Academic Ranking of World Universities, Center for World University Rankings, and Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranked the University of Calgary among the top 200 universities in the world in 2017. In addition, the University is home to 76 Canada Research Chairs and over 50 research institutes and centers. 

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is ranked among the world’s top 250 universities by the Times Higher Education magazine. It has over 18,000 students and offers over 180 undergraduate programs in subjects such as Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Engineering & Technology, Life Sciences, Computer Science, Business & Economics, Psychology, and Clinical, Pre-clinical, and Health, among others. 

Manitoba University 

International students can take more than 90 courses at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg. It is the largest University in the region and is located in the heart of Canada. It is also the only research-intensive University in the country, with over 100 degrees, diplomas, and certificates available. The University has approximately 30000 students, with international students representing approximately 104 countries accounting for 13% of the total student population. 

Simon Fraser University 

Simon Fraser University is a public research university with three campuses in Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver, British Columbia. Simon Fraser University, the first Canadian University to receive US accreditation, has international students accounting for nearly 17% of its total enrollment. The University provides on-campus lodging and a hotel for visiting family members. It has been named Canada’s top comprehensive University on numerous occasions by Maclean’s magazine. The University has over 100 undergraduate programs and over 45 graduate programs that lead to a degree or diploma. 

International students benefit from a welcoming and tolerant community as well as a safe student environment when studying in Canada. Over the last decade, the number of international students choosing Canada as their study destination increased by 92%. Canadian degrees are recognized around the world. Studying in Canada also increases your chances of landing a job and becoming a permanent resident. So, in every way, studying in Canada is a sure bet for a bright future.

Acadia University

Acadia University is one of the best universities in Canada for international students because it provides top-notch education to both domestic and international students. It is Canada’s first organic campus to go green, and the provincial government has given them a $22 million investment to improve campus infrastructure. 

International students at this University benefit from small class sizes. Professors give individual attention to help students understand the subjects more easily. Furthermore, international students can participate in a variety of research, student activities, and events.

Brock University

Brock University is a top university in Canada that provides a safe community and a campus with breathtaking natural beauty. During their academic tenure, international students can participate in various clubs, extracurricular activities, and exclusive sporting options. 

International students receive extensive exposure to their field of study. The programs are intended to be relevant in the future. There is a dedicated team to make sure they settle in quickly from the moment they step onto campus. 

Brock is one of the best universities in Canada for academic and personal development. There is a program called “Mentorship Plus” that connects first-year international students with senior student mentors to help them adjust to university life as quickly as possible. In addition, a dedicated 24-hour security team patrols the campus. 

Volunteers offer courteous assistance by showing you around and even carrying your bags, which is a very thoughtful gesture. On-campus living is fantastic because it caters to all tastes. International students have access to a townhouse, single and shared rooms, and traditional campus buildings.

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Universities For International Students In Canada

Cape Breton University

The Nova Scotia government has invested $54 million in infrastructure, research, and healthcare, which is critical for it to be among the best universities in Canada for international students. In addition, a cutting-edge research facility will be built to address global challenges in science and technology. 

The natural beauty of Cape Breton Island enhances the visual appeal of the campus surroundings. The campus culture is thriving, and it is an excellent opportunity to meet new people and form lifelong friendships. 

Cape Bruton is one of Canada’s top universities, with international students from more than 55 countries enrolling. It is important in meeting new people and forming strong bonds with them. 

As an international student, you are bound to have unique experiences and be exposed to people from various backgrounds. There is an exclusive first-year advising center where you can get student support services in various areas.


Is Canada a good place to study for international students? 

International students are welcome to study in Canada, especially now that the Canadian Ministry of Education is actively working to streamline the process. You can select from top-tier universities that offer comprehensive Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. 

International students are most interested in business, social sciences, environmental sciences, medicine, and engineering programs. Universities will emphasize timely and relevant research, and students’ academic experiences will be built on progressive and innovative practices. 

When it comes to languages, Canada is a multicultural country with one of the world’s most diverse linguistic populations. It is primarily a French and English-speaking country, though English is widely spoken. Studying and living in Canada is less expensive than studying abroad in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Fees will vary depending on your chosen program, but the average annual cost is around $15,000. There are numerous affordable universities in Canada, and I recommend you look into affordable universities in Canada for International Students. Furthermore, you only need $470- $630 per month for food, housing, and other expenses.

Can International Students Work and Study in Canada? 

International students can work in Canada if their Canadian study permit includes a condition that allows them to do so once their program begins. If it lacks such a statement, you can request that your permit be amended. Students can work up to 20 hours per week and full-time during regular semesters during breaks. 

You can work as an employee for the school facilities on campus without a permit. For off-campus work, you must first determine whether or not you require a work permit for the type of work you do. Check Canada’s official website, where you can apply if you need a permit. However, in most cases, work permits are optional.

Can International Students Remain in Canada After They Graduate? 

International graduates who want to stay in Canada must gain work experience to be eligible for permanent residence. In Canada, you must apply for one of two work permits: employer-specific or open work permits. Each has specific employment duration conditions, and all specific details are outlined on Canada’s official website

You will be eligible for immigration programs for permanent residence after gaining work experience in Canada. The program that is best for you will be determined by your work experience, job group, and English skills.

Conclusion On Best Universities For International Students In Canada

For international students, Canada provides numerous opportunities for a world-class education. Canada can also offer lower tuition fees, simpler application processes, and more opportunities for permanent residency after graduation compared to the United States. 

The University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia rank exceptionally high in research impact, indicating that these schools produce high-quality academic work that is widely respected. 

Many Canadian universities are known for promoting a global perspective by recruiting international students and staff and encouraging international collaborations. Any university in Canada will have a large community of international staff and students.

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