Top 12 Investment Apps For Android And IPhone Devices


This article is for you if you’re looking for investment applications that help you manage your investments better on the move.

I am not only talking about any kind of applications but better than many investment applications out there.

First things first, the importance of financial management can not be overstated.

Financial management is certainly necessary if anyone wants success in life – where success means getting more than enough to survive daily.

This also includes learning how to make money as soon as possible, saving some money and of course investing part of it.

If all these things exist, it will be easier to meet the individual’s financial needs … and success in life.

With the right tools to help, it is now easier to manage and improve financial resources than ever before.

What tools are currently best suited for mobile devices?

Just like there are apps to make money and even online shopping apps, there are also investment applications that every serious investor needs in his mobile devices.

Since we can not do without our mobile devices these days, it makes sense for financial intelligence (and even beginners) to install appropriate applications that help in investing and other financial activities.

Top 12 investment apps you can use for Android and iPhone devices

Whether you’re on Android and iOS, there are really great investment apps that will make life easier for you as an investor.

Fortunately, you do not have to wonder about the best applications, thanks for reading this article.

Contains 20 of the best investment apps you can choose from, whether you’re an Android or iPhone user. These applications will certainly help save time, cost and energy while building wealth.

1. Personal capital

Personal Capital is a high quality platform that will help you manage and invest your money better. It also has a useful application for budgeting, investment and personal finance.

According to their website:

“Knowing what is happening with your money anytime, anywhere helps you save more and invest better.” It’s the only wealth management and investment tool you’ll ever need. “

This platform is very popular when it comes to investing.

Although it will not give you fast and easy cash on its own, it will make it easier to track and manage your financial life intelligently.


This application allows you to link your accounts as it integrates with various financial institutions such as Fidelity, Schwab and Wells Fargo.

This will definitely help you take the right steps towards your financial goals.

For the best customized investment advice, bank security and easy tracking for investment, Personal Capital should be one of the best applications out there.

Personal capital has emerged in popular media such as Kiplinger, CNN, CNBC and The Financial Times.

2. WiseBanyan

WiseBanyan, Inc. She is an investment consultant registered with the SEC!

He is a financial advisor that helps you make strong investments for free.

It offers a free financial advisory service and ensures you manage your portfolios faster than before!

They call themselves the “first free financial advisor in the world” and may be right because they are completely free to use and already offer very good financial advice to anyone.

It basically helps you compare saving options and financial investments so you can save.

It also helps you manage credit only use it.

Other great features of WiseBanyan include:

• WiseBanyan manages and monitors your well-performing portfolios in ETFs to ensure good market returns.

• You can start investing with your minimum deposit starting at $ 1, making it easier for you to start achieving your financial goals.

WiseBanyan is a financial advisor who does not charge you for trading, investment management, or rebalancing.


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