Music Promotion How To Make Money Selling Music Online And 15 Sites That Help You Get Money


Do you want some music promotion guide, especially how to make money selling music online? If yes, this article will be very useful.

Give you lots of tips on how to promote your music and how to make money selling it online.

First, this is certainly for those who can make music and make it.

If you are this, you probably want to make a living.

You may not be a famous songwriter or a famous musician overnight but you can get paid if you consistently use some of the techniques in this article.

You can promote to sell your music and sell it online … If you follow all the tips in this article, you can even figure out how to make money quickly from your music.

There are many options online and even websites that you can use. Once you do what is required by the site, you can start getting good results.

You need to build a loyal fan base when it comes to selling music online. This is important because your fan base plays a big role when it comes to promoting your business.

However, there are already ways to promote music and sell it online. These methods are often used by musicians, promoters or others in the music industry.

In this article, highlight different ways to make money from selling music online. After that, you will get some useful details about 15 sites where you can get money to promote and sell your music.

Music Promotion And How To Make Money Selling Your Music Online

Here are ways to sell your music online:

Music License

A music license means that you write or make a song and give people or companies the right to use it as their own song.

You do not need to get a popular song or be known before you can license a song and get paid.


Most soundtracks are licensed to movies and videos to producers!

Note that this is different from making money to listen to music.

Music licensing is well paid and many well-known artists / musicians use this technology to earn a steady income online.

Your song can be licensed to advertising agencies, YouTube users who need music for their videos, video photographers, independent filmmakers, music managers on TV shows, and so on.

You can search for music licensing opportunities when sending your songs to music libraries – these are the platforms that organize the music you send for licensing opportunities.

In other words, these companies or websites allow your songs or videos to be licensed to potential clients like filmmakers, music producers, videographers, advertising agencies, and more!

Streaming music

Music streaming means that your music or audio file is playing on the site while you download it.

You will be paid for each stream of your song. The more music you get, the more money you’ll enjoy.

There are a lot of broadcast services out there. Not only work as generators of online income but also as a platform to build a fan base.

Although the amount you receive from broadcasting is not much, it can only add to earning money in the long run.


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