Incredible Ways to Make Extra Money on Weekends


Incredible Ways to Make Extra Money on Weekends

You can actually make money on weekends probably as a side hustle or just desire. In any which way, you can make cool cash by engaging in some activities during the weekends, most of it are what you normally do as a means of catching fun which means you are getting paid for having fun in order way.

It is financially appropriate to always engage in positive ways that can supplement the monthly income or job pay and that is why it is essential to partake in these types of stuffs that will consume requires your presence during the weekends. Truly, there are different ways that you can generate money from whether during workdays or weekends. Most of these tasks are even done online at your convenience. This shows that there are opportunities that are flexible and meant for weekends jobs. It will enable you to generate extra cash that can be used for other financial expenses.

There is no one that doesn’t desire to have a good savings and almost everybody wish to have extra money in their bank account. It is not easy as there are numerous bills that could be budget-consuming and that is the major reason why it is important to always engage in activities that will yield extra income legitimately. Many people usually have free weekends from the usual official day’s job. When you are one of those people that are always free from work during weekends then it is right time for you to start making money by doing little things during your weekends. There are a lot of ways you can make use of your weekends to earn you extra cash and this article will discuss more about that. This article will reveal how can go about it and what you can be doing during the weekends that will earn you extra money.

15 Incredible Ways to Make Extra Money on Weekends:

  1. Consultant/Coach: We have different people with different talents. It is only expected of you to know what you are capable of. In case you have a special skill in a particular aspect be it legal services, business ideas, sport, lifestyle, education or any other, it is a good way for you to start earning from it. Consulting or coaching is a very impressive task that you can do for weekends as it is very easy and affordable. You don’t need much money to start it since you already have the required knowledge and experience. You will only need to design your personal schedule and offer the service at your will.
  2. Complete Survey Online: Another great way to make money is by answering online surveys. It is one of the easiest ways to make money at home during weekends as you are only giving out your personal opinions about a particular product or service. We have numerous companies and business owners that would be willing to pay people in order to receive their reviews or feedbacks and use it to improve in their services. You can go through many survey platforms online and fill it up. Some of it includes Swagbucks and SurveyJunkie. The interesting part of this task is that there is no right or wrong answer and you don’t need to be experienced, skillful or educated before you can fill the survey. You only need to be sincere and unbiased.

  3. Deliver Stuff: This is a nice hustle that you can do during weekends. It is mostly on the rise especially with students. You only need to deliver foods or other products through some companies such as UberEats, Doordash and many more. Incredibly, many online sites are there for you to scroll through and get started. They will help you with the necessary steps and get you places or companies that need your service. For example, you can deliver groceries through Instacart.

  4. Freelancer: Freelancing is another good way to make money as a side hustle. It can be on different aspects such as writing contents or being a virtual assistant or designing logo and many more. It is all about where your interest lies and the skills you possess. There are numerous opportunities for freelancers as there is no shortage of online sites or job lands that require this service.

  5. Watch Videos Online: You can make money by watching videos online. It is very easy and possible as there are online sites that offer such service. People that are always interested in watching videos or movies online can actually earn money through this process during weekends. We have different programs that can pay you for watching videos online and Swagbucks is one of them. You will be paid for watching different kinds of video at your comfort zone. It might even be during weekends or anytime you wish.

  6. Listening to Music: Just like being paid for watching videos online, you can also be paid for listening to music online. It is most likely the same nature because there are numerous online sites or companies that would love to read through your reviews in order for them to develop their services. Funny enough, most people do spend their weekends relaxing and listening to music, isn’t it appropriate to get paid for doing that? It is very possible. There are genuine companies that will pay you when you listen to music and submit reviews or ratings.

  7. Sell Items Online: This is another good way to make money. You will only need to sell stuffs that are owned by you. If you have stuffs that are already too much for your garages and closets, why not sell some out and make money through it. The use of internet has made it easy to carry out these transactions as there are online sites that offer such services such as eBay, Craiglist, Gazelle and others. You will only need to upload those items and sell it out through the online platforms.

  8. Uber or Lyft Driver: If you are a car owner then start to make use of it during weekends as a Lyft or Uber driver. It is a major way people make money from. You only need to drive passengers on weekends when you register online either through Uber.com or Lyft.com and you will get paid. People that have their personal car often find it easy to operate this business as it is very easy to fit into schedule. How this operates is that when you sign up with either Uber or Lyft, you will be connected with people that need to move from one place to another and you can do this task at your will.

  9. Rent Your Car: You might not be interested in doing anything during the weekend probably due to hectic schedules during the day or just your wish. In any of the case, you can still make money during the weekends by renting out your car. There are online sites that offer such service and they include Turo and GetAround. You will do nothing while you will earn money, interesting thing isn’t it? The company got you covered and you will be the one to decide your rental price.

  10. Websites Tester: You can also earn money through this process as there are a lot of websites that will wish to know how users will react to their walls. It is in that regards that they usually hire testers that will help to test those websites and see how it will function. Also, they might also check in case there is any correct or addition ought to be on the website. If you are knowledgeable about this, there are online sites that will aid your task which include Analysia, User Testing and StartUpLift.

  11. Tutor: This is another exciting and rewarding way to earn money during the weekends. You can work as a tutor in your specified field. In case you are good in any particular subject, you can become a tutor on such subject and teach people, it could be through online or physical. If it is through online, you can do it at the comfort of your house and you only need a standard internet connection, a webcam and a computer system. There are online sites that can offer such service which include Tutor.com. Also, you can start teaching around your immediate environment by reaching out to your neighbors.

  12. Personal Grocery Shopper: During weekends, you can do grocery shopping for individuals or shopping outlets and earn money. You can make use of Instacart.com to shop and deliver grocery shoppers for clients. However, before you can efficiently perform this task, it is required of you to have a mobile means of transportation and a driver’s license. Also, there ought to be a background to check your eligibility and trust.

  13. Online Researcher: If you are very good in researching then this is an opportunity for you to make money during weekends. Many companies require the service of researchers that would help them promote their products and services with proper evaluations and innovations. Companies like Wonder would allow you to help them come up with appropriate researches. As a researcher, you will be expected to come up with in-depth and well-researched answers to users’ questions and get paid handsomely.

  14. Photographer: Whether you are a professional photographer or not, you can make money by taking pictures and then sell it online. It is very possible as there are many websites that offer such service. Individuals and business owners would love to buy pictures from you or through a website where you will be paid a commission. You can take pictures of different area, event places or nature and get paid.

  15. Virtual Assistant: You can work as a virtual assistant on weekends and get paid. Your task consist typing documents, receiving calls, sending/receiving mails and many more for clients or customers. Online sites such as FancyHands.com or Zirtual.com allow you to sign up and work as a virtual assistant. Indeed, so many people has been making extra money through this process, you can also be part of them, try it now.


With what we have discussed in this article, you have seen clearly that it is possible to work during weekends and earn money. Most of these tasks are what you normally do for fun, just that you can start earning money from it legitimately.





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