How You Can Get Refund for a Cancelled or Delayed Train


Although it is discouraging and annoying when you have the experience of a cancelled or delayed train but you could actually earn some money from that. It is very possible for you to receive refund for this act and in fact the longer the delay, the higher your refund, just like that!

The case is that you are entitle to get full refund when a train is cancelled and also you can get refund to an extent when you are late to your destination more than half an hour. There are some trains that will compensate you when the train is late for more than 15mins and that means you stand a chance of receiving compensation when there is delay in the journey. However, it won’t be easy for you to claim this money when you don’t have your train ticket with you and that is why it is expected that you keep it safe. You are also enjoined to claim refund with 28days although some train companies allows more than that. For more insight, there are some trains companies that would state how much they compensate on their website which means you can just go through their website and know how much you will receive from them as a refund.

The reason for this compensation isn’t farfetched as the delay might cause distortion in passengers’ schedule and that is more reason why you might end up paying more little when you experience train delay.  Having state that, this article shall give you more insight on how you can go about claiming refunds when there is delay or cancellation and also this article shall talk about how you can apply for the refunds and how much should your expectations/refunds be.

What you should do if Your Train is Delayed or Cancelled:

You might not be happy when your train is delayed or cancelled but that is never the end to the world, you can actually take your time and relax having in mind that you will still get to where you wished to only that it might takes longer than expected. And because of this uncertainty, you are always advice to make sure you leave more time if you are really going for official purposes meaning that you should leave before the near time to those tasks when you choose to travel by train. When you are faced with delay or cancellation of journey by train, here are some tips you can follow for you to reach your destination and apply for refund afterwards:

–         Go through alternative route: The first thing that will come up when issues like delay or cancellation of trains happened is that you should be attentive to the management and watch after them, when they make the pronouncement that you can follow alternative route to your destination it means you can go and board another train or other local transport to your destination. Without disturbing yourself much about this, you can reach out to the station staff as they would be able to tell you more on where you can easily board and how you can reach your destination with alternative route. In most cases whereby you are advised to take alternative route probably with a nearby station, you might not need to secure another ticket for the journey and if you still get late as a result of delay, you can be refunded as there are train lines that will automatically refund you 100%.

–         Keep your ticket safe: People won’t dare to listen to rhetoric and the best way to provide evidence by making sure you have your ticket save with you. This will enable you to tender pictorial evidence to the train management and it will ease your claim for refund from the station. In case you booked the ticket from your smartphone, it is better you didn’t delete the app which will surely have the booking history you can use to claim refund.

–         Claim a refund on the ticket you are issued: Different train stations with different policies on how you can claim refunds from them. Although there is a certain law that state that all customers are liable to compensation/refund when there is delay or cancellation of trains. You can read more from them on the evidence needed to claim your refund and how much they will pay.

What does Delay Repay means & where does it apply?

You will be able to easily claim your refund when the train operator is among Delay Repay refund scheme. With that you will be able to receive compensation when there is a delay for more than 30mins. Also there are generous companies that will offer you refund when there is delay up to 15mins or even less. The Delay Repay scheme allows the train operators to pay passengers compensation even when it is not their fault. Meanwhile, in case your train operator is not part of Delay Repay refund scheme, you might be faced with different policies and it varies. Certainly, all train operators are expected to pay 50% refund when there is a delay for more than one hour or more and the cause of the delay is from them. Kindly note that when the train operator is not among Delay Repay scheme and the fault isn’t from their train line, you might not receive anything as compensation.

How Can You Prove Your Train Was Delayed?

You can claim your refund with ease and in fact it might not last more than a couple of minutes. What you only need to do is making sure you quickly submit your claim for refund to the train management after the journey so that there won’t be any issue with the refund window – it is always expected to be within 28days but you can still read more about that on their website. It might take some couple of weeks before you are refunded and some might be beyond that. However, for smooth claim, you should make sure you submit these four things to the train management, it includes:

1.     The actual length of the delay: You need to keep record of the delay by even knowing the duration that the train was delayed. In case you don’t remember how much the duration was, you can check out Recent Train Times that keeps records of trains arrival and departure.

2.     The cause of the delay: If your train operator isn’t part of Delay Repay refund scheme, you will need to make a note on the cause of the delay to show that it is the train operator’s fault.

3.     Your ticket: Your need to prove your claim with your ticket and in case you don’t have to post it to their office, you can upload it online and in a situation whereby you lost your ticket, you can show them the email evidence that prove the purchase.


4.     A refund claim form: You can get refund claim form online or collect it from the nearest station. You can get this form and fill in the necessary information.

  Automatic Train Delay Refunds

There are some conditions that you don’t necessarily need to do anything before you can be compensated for delay. You can automatically refund when there is severally delay or when the train is cancelled. In this regard, you will have to take alternative route and you will get automatic refund. There are some companies that will offer you automatic refunds and they include Northern by Arriva, C2C smartcard holders, Virgin Trains and Train Reclaim for TfL journeys.

When Can You Get Train Ticket Refund?

Part of the reasons why you will get train ticket refunds include when your train is delayed beyond expectation or cancelled and you decided not to travel again – you will be given full refund and also when your train is delayed for more than 30mins when the cause should have been prevented, you will be refunded base on the policy of the company.

Nature of Delay Refund Payment:

You can receive your refund when the train company you boarded with is part of Delay Repay scheme but in a case whereby the train company isn’t part of the Delay repay scheme, you are likely to be compensated when the fault is from them.

Refunds for Cancelled Trains:

In a process whereby your train is cancelled and you didn’t later use your ticket for the journey, it is certain that you will be refunded 100%.  However, in case your train is cancelled and you later go through alternative route with your ticket, you will be refunded on the basis of delay whereby you will be paid for the delay in the journey. That means you will be compensated for how late you were to your destination. You only need to approach the train operator and apply for a refund. Also, you can get refund for issues such as poor services and other related cases.


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