How To Work from Home as a Nurse & Genuine Online Sites That Pays


It is not only some certain occupations that can allow people to work from home; nurses can also do same and earn cool money. The simple fact is that being a Registered Nurse is such a rewarding and time-honored position. The job is well loved with many opportunities; it is a career a lot of people usually dream to become. Meanwhile, as a nurse, do you know it is real and possible for you to work from home and get paid most especially for the moms that usually need much time to be at home? Keep reading this article as it will reveal the necessary information.

Flexibility of job has been a serious issue that dictates most of the professions, nursing inclusive. However, in most cases, nurses usually operate in specified duration like part time, morning, afternoon or evening shift. Due to the advancement of technology, this process can be more broadened with the use of internet and other necessary equipments as nurses can now work from home. This shows that there are numerous home nursing jobs that nurses can apply to and then work at home and get paid.

As a nurse you can get your good money while working from home and in fact it will enable you to have time for other issues that warrant your attention. This article will discuss all you need to know about such nursing related jobs and also some of the online sites you can find such paying jobs. Kindly note that not all the online sites you see out there to promise to get you such jobs can actually do, in fact some of them are just a waste of time and you need to be careful with them. All thanks to this article has it will list out the genuine sites you can find the jobs.

You should know that as a nurse, you don’t necessarily need to stick to a particular hospital or clinic to make a living for your career rather you can explore a lot of other opportunities which include home-based nursing jobs and you will get paid well. The essence of those jobs is that you will be able to have a flexible work schedules and also telecommute from anywhere you are. When you are a registered or qualified nurse, there are wide range of work at home jobs you can do and it is therefore your choice to make use of anyone you are interested in.

Why Do You Need To Work From Home As A Nurse?

Firstly, nursing positions are one of the most common remote based careers and its demand keep increasing with high-growth profession. Therefore, working from home is just a process whereby a nurse operates from the comfort of his or her home. Just as there are a lot of people that would love to have flexible schedule, they preferred to operate their nursing related jobs from home and earn money. Part of its importance is that they will be able to have enough time to focus on their family work; they won’t need to move a long distance and also they won’t have distractions at work.

The advancement of technology has also prompted many of the healthcare facilities to accept the scope of nurses working from home by telecommunicating with the main office or probably working as a contractor that is independent. This is connected to the fact that many genuine and legitimate nursing jobs can be done anywhere and it makes it easy to perform the duties at any place.

How Does Home Based Nursing Jobs Work?

This type of jobs works in many ways. On a part, you will be working as a nurse by being a telecommuter with the use of your home as the office. You can still choose your desire schedule either part time or full time for a clinic facilities or hospital but only from a remote location. Meanwhile, your payment would be determined by how you performed and you might be opportune to access full employment benefit from such hospital. On another part, you will be working as a nurse by being an independent contractor and received your payment per performance or per hour or per task given. Some of the genuine sites or employers might provide such independent contractor with some employment benefits such as health insurance or any other. In a nutshell, you can be engaged as a nurse for home based nursing jobs in two ways either as a telecommuter or as an independent contractor.

Types of Home Based Nursing Jobs

We have numerous home based nursing jobs and you can do it at home without traveling a long distance to and from the clinic or healthcare facility. Most of these jobs would require your performance and experience. They include:

  • Virtual Clinical Research Associate (CRA): You can work at home as a nurse by being a Virtual Clinical Research Associate (CRA) whereby your duty is to watch over all the areas of pharmaceutical research studies. It includes reporting, recruitment, budgeting, monitoring and other related tasks. You are expected to possess at least a Bachelor Degree in Clinical Research Coordination.
  • Nursing Adjunct Instructor: As a nurse, you can work from home as an adjunct instructor. What you are expected to do is to prepare instructional materials, provides instruction in assigned courses, engages and communicates with students to boost course participation and learning. However, before you can be accepted for this task, you need to possess a master’s degree in Nursing and also be a Registered Nurse with years of teaching experience (at least 2years).
  • Nurse Bill Auditor: As a nurse, you can work directly from your home as a bill auditor for a healthcare facility or clinic. You are only expected to perform the audit of the medical records. You will be needed to resolves clinically billing errors, operate as liaison officer between healthcare workers and billing department, charge audits by reviewing medical documentation. You should be able to have some years of experience in clinical auditing.
  • Freelance Nursing Writers or Bloggers: If you are a nurse and very passionate in writing, this is a good opportunity waiting for you to explore. You can work from home and be a nursing writer or blogger. Since a lot of writers that aren’t having medical background usually find it hard to relate with medical terms, why not people with the knowledge keep writing for people’s consumption, it is time if you are part of them. When you are a good writer and being a nurse, many people would love to hire you to write for them. You can just write from the comfort of your home and post it for clients to read and pay. You will be able to earn more money when you own a blog by yourself. You can easily write important articles for your medical related blog or write for organizations, websites, schools and a lot more. As a freelance writer, you will be writing on topics that are related to nursing or health.

Other Types of Home Based Nursing Jobs Include:

  • Utilization Review Nurse
  • Onsite Nurse Liaison
  • Legal Nurse Consulting
  • Clinical Sales Specialist
  • Health Risk Education Consultant and many more.

Genuine Online Sites To Find Home Based Nursing Jobs:

There are many online websites that you can find home based nursing jobs and pay well. They include:

  1. Johnson & Johnson: This Company is a popular one that offers wide range of health and pharmaceutical services. Parts of home based nursing jobs you can find from this company include Blood Glucose Manager and Insulin Pump Trainer. As a registered nurse, you should always endeavor to always check the career page of this company for any opportunities.
  2. Best Doctors: This is another great medium for nurses that are interested in home based jobs. This website offers review on medical records and financial documents. You can check out this site as a nurse for appropriate opportunities and you can get positions such as Clinical Impact Analyst from this company. Also, you will entitle to paid time off and holidays on top of life insurance and other benefits from this company.
  3. BioMarin: This is another company that offers advanced therapeutics to the people with rare genetic disorders and diseases. This company usually hires work-at-home nurses that are Clinical Coordinators (NCCs); these nurses usually possess valid license for contacting clients/patients and explaining to them their proposed process for treatment and the patient’s role in their treatment.
  4. FoneMed: This is a great online site that usually focuses on telephone service for healthcare providers. As such, they hire the services of Registered Nurses that will work remotely by assisting the customers or callers or patients to answer any questions that are health related. This website pay well for those they hired as they provides triage and health advice to the callers.

Other Genuine Sites That Pay Home Based Nurse Includes:

  • UnitedHealth Group
  • Aetna
  • CareNet
  • Catasys
  • MediTelecare
  • Humana
  • Covance
  • AviaCode and many more


Just as we have stated in this article, you can work from home as a nurse and get paid. There are many genuine companies and online resources that would assist in making such possible. However, you should be meticulous while reading the requirements before you apply for any job you wish to.


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