How to Stop Being Broke


It is very possible to learn the art of not being broke and understand the principles of personal finance. This article will guide you on what to do and how to do it. It will also provide effective tips that can help you really stop being broke.
Firstly, being broke isn’t the same thing as being poor. When you are broke, you can pay your expenses but unable to save some funds. This is clearly different from being poor which means you don’t have enough funds to cater for your expenses. 
Most people are broke sometimes and they would want to do all things possible to get out of the situation. 
Causes of Being Broke
Firstly, there is a reason for everything. Being broke is an effect of a cause for each person. What make you to be broke might not be the reason why another person is broke. Below are some of the reasons why people go broke:
–  when you don’t possess the right money mindset – you lack planning on how to spend.- what you spend is more than what you earn.- you didn’t have self-discipline. – you borrow money too much.- you procrastinate saving money. – you don’t invest. – you compete with everyone. – paying off debt is never a priority to you. – you are scared. 
The listed reasons above might tick you off the wrong way, you should be aware that this article is meant to proffer ways to stop being broke. Keep reading for more insights. 
Tips to Avoid Being Broke
1. Have a Positive Mindset: You should have a positive mindset when it comes to stop being broke. Be ready to make some radical decisions towards your finances. It is possible to stop being broke, so you must have it in your mind that you can do it. Start to be positive and get involved in lifestyle that will make you have more and stop being broke. 
2. Set Good Financial Goal: You should set good financial goals if you want to stop being broke. The goals could be to save some funds or buy particular items. Setting a financial goal will make you get motivated  and it will also help you envision how much you can have or save for a specific period. 
3. Design a Financial Plan: It is one thing to set a goal, it is another thing to achieve that goal. You need a great financial plan to achieve the goal you set. A financial plan is a road map to your goal. It focuses on how you can achieve the goal.
4. Organize your finances: You need to organize your finances if you don’t want to go broke. A disorganized spending habit can cause brokenness therefore you need to prioritize what you spend money for. When you organize your income and expenses, you will be opportune to improve your finances. 
5. Avoid Spending Out of the Budget: You can stop being broke when you are able to spend base on your budget. If your budget is to spend $200 in a week, don’t deviate from it. People that spend out of their budget usually end up being broke.
6. Increase Your Income: When you have more money, it will afford you not to be broke. If your earnings are not enough, yoy should take steps to increase your income. You can start a side hustle to supplement your earnings. 
7. Pay Yourself First: You need to pay yourself first to enable you stop being broke. This means that you save a particular amount from your income. It will enable you to build your finance easily and avoid being broke. It is possible for you to automate your savings and have a particular amount deposited into your savings account each month. 
8. Prepare for Emergencies: There should be a specific amount saved for emergencies. It will be useful when any emergency arise. Situations such as accident, sudden death, unexpected divorce, and many more can affect our lives. Instead of dipping your hands into the saving account, you can simply use the emergency fund to cater for such situations. 
9. Have a Debt Payment Plan: Debt is what make people to go broke in most cases. So if you don’t want to get broke, you need to get out of debt as quick as possible. Create a plan to pay off your debt. The lesser debt you have, the more money you have, and the lesser broke you would become. 
10. Plan for Large Purchases: Large purchases can run your budget and consume a lot of your fund. So before makung large purchases, it is important that you plan ahead. A good plan is required before making this decision. Set aside a particular amount each month for the asset.

Being broke can happen to anyone and it can be overcome with the necessary actions in place. It is not hard to do when you know what should be done.