How To Sell Feet Pictures And Make Cool Cash Online


How To Sell Feet Pictures And Make Cool Cash Online

You wish to sell out your feet pictures and make money out of it? A weird decision right, isn’t it?  Be calm, it is very possible, you can do it. With the use of social media and internet access you can actually generate income through this weird and strange action. Be rest assured that there are website that operate this features and make it possible to sell your feet pictures and even videos.

There are some people out there that are interested in those packages so your task is just to take the pictures and sent it to them. This means that some people are willing to buy your feet pictures, it’s left for you to snap the feet and send it to them. As weird as it sound it is very normal and it happens. I know you will be surprised that there are some industries that provide the platform to make money in this way. So in this article, we shall be discussing how you can go about it and earn your cool cash without stress.  This article shall also talk about what you need to know about selling feet photos whether it is legitimate or not so also whether there is age limit or not. It will also talk about if you can make much money on this process or not.

More also, aside selling of feet pictures, this article shall discuss other weird means to make money online. So therefore, as a feet picture seller, you need to make sure your feet is pretty and as a feet buyer, just make sure you get your money with you and all in all, this deal shall be done.

Do People Really Buy Feet Pictures?

The first question that needs to come to your mind on seeing this is to ask if people truly buy feet pictures or is it just a scam? The answer is that it is very through as a lot of people have been buying feet pictures that most people are not aware of.  It is all about passion and desire. Those that buy it actually love feet, just the same way we buy what we desire, and those that loves feet also put in their money to get feet pictures. This means that you should worry less because there are people ready to buy feet pictures.

What Is The Statistics Of Feet Pictures Buyer?

You might be wondering that if there are actually a certain number of people interested in feet picture or how many people passionately wish to buy feet pictures. The simple answer is that there are millions of people that love to see feet pictures and ready to pay for those admiring pictures. You can get more answer to this question if you embark on independent research about the beauty of feet, that is when you will realize that majority of the people love to see feet pictures.

Why Do People Sell Feet Pictures?

We all know that desire is a matter of emotions and when you wish to have something, you can actually pursue it. So also, when you are the admiration to sell out your feet pictures, you are free to do that and earn your money. What you only need to know is that this action has age limit which means you have to be 18years or above before you can engage in selling and buying of feet pictures. This is because 18years is the legal age of consent in many parts of the world.

Does Size of Feet Matters?

This is all about interest. Some people might be interested in large feet while some people would love to have small feet pictures. This means that irrespective of your feet size, there are people that are willing to have its picture.

What Kinds of People Are Interested in Feet Pictures?

The type of people that loves feet pictures are the same people to see around. They are normal people like me and you. Meanwhile, some people think it is only depraved people that love feet pictures which is not true, a lot of people love it and always interested in having it.

Can I Sell Feet Pictures To Only Those With Foot Fetishes?

While there are people that openly admit that that are fetish and interested in feet pictures, there are some people that also admire it but didn’t make it public. Therefore, it is not only foot fetishes that you can sell your feet pictures to, you can also send it to others too. You need to know that a lot of people love feet pictures so they will also buy it from you and never admit they are fetish.

Who Else Should I Sell Foot Pictures To?

We also have brands and businesses that need adorable feet pictures to promote their brands. So if you have beautiful feet, you could sell the pictures to brands for foot modeling. In fact, there is a market for models with good looking feet. Therefore, if you are one of those that are blessed with beautiful feet, you can easily get into foot modeling and get paid for it so you shouldn’t feel judged or weird that you are looking to sell your feet pictures.

Why Do You Have to Sell Your Feet Pictures?

Enough reason why you need to sell your feet pictures is that there are a lot of people out there waiting to buy those pictures.  It will in return enable you to make cool cash from it and assist your financial strength. Therefore if you are looking into ways you can make extra cash, this is a good idea for you.

Where Will I Sell The Pictures?

With what we’ve been saying so far, you would realize that there is market value for feet pictures and a lot of people are ready to pay you for your feet pictures.  So when you know this, what is left for you is to look into those places that are efficient to sell those pictures. There are various social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others where you can easily sell your feet pictures.  There are other websites that you can do this transaction also.

How Much Can You Get For Selling Feet Pictures?

The amount of money you realized for selling feet pictures solidly relies on how you package it. So also, how much clients you have that are willing to buy it also dictate the nature of your income. Therefore, what you get depends on how much people are willing to pay for it. Some people actually generate hundreds of dollars in a week on this venture; in fact some get more money than that.

How You Can Sell Feet Pictures:

What you need to understand is that you are sending out the picture of your feet and not your feet so it is good if you can take good care of your toes and make them look very attractive. In order to make it more interesting, you can get professional photographers that can help you take good pictures of your feet.

How To Sell Feet Pictures Online:


There are various platforms you can sell your feet pictures and we shall be highlighting them below:


As a Facebook user, you have the opportunity to search for open and secret Facebook pages and groups that focus on buying and selling of feet pictures, after searching them, you can easily join it. It will give you more insight on how people engage in such transaction and you can get your clients from there. I heard about a man called Brian the Foot Man who always contact the female followers on his group and pay them $50 for sending their feet pictures. That means you are liable to be contacted by this man and got paid of $50 or more when you share the pictures of your feet. This is because it is noted that Mr Brian has paid a lot of women for many years just for feet pictures, you could be among when you join his Facebook group.


Instagram is no doubt a good platform for this type of visual social media venture. What you need to do is firstly create your account and start posting your feet pictures which will enable you get more traffic to your page and add to your followers. In fact, there will be many people that will be ready to reach you daily for it. Then you can just search for photos or post where people indicate interest in feet pictures and ready to buy. A good advantage is that there are Instagram “models” who always sell different types of pictures to different people. You are on a right spot by selling feet pictures on Instagram because it is really a big deal there.


You can also sell your feet pictures privately to feet lovers on different websites. This shows that there are websites that has numerous lovers of feet pictures and even videos. Some of these websites are legal photo sites where people got paid for posting their pictures. This means in some websites, you will be paid for posting pictures while in some, people will pay you when they download the full image. Some of these websites include iStockphoto, Snapwire, Crestock, Gettyimages, 123RF, Dreamstime and many more.


The demand for this type of pictures is also high in Craigslist; therefore, you can also sell your feet pictures there just as other people sell other things there too. What you need to do is just create a free Ad notifying that you have feet pictures you want to sell. You can also look for and contact those feet lovers who have ads looking for people to buy feet pictures from.


You can also sell your feet pictures on Twitter and got paid. Just create a twitter account and make sure you post the pictures of your feet there always. Also, you can follow other people that are into feet selling/buying business to see how you can go about it. Meanwhile, always make sure your feet pictures are admiring and attractive and always watermark them. It will enable you to receive DMs from feet lovers when they come across your posts.

Good Tips for You on Selling Feet Pictures:

1.     Don’t force yourself: If you are not interested in selling your feet pictures, don’t disturb yourself about it and makes yourself uncomfortable. There are some other things that can earn you money aside feet pictures so you need to firstly know what you truly want before you take any action.

2.     Always take good care of your feet: Your buyers would love to see your feet clean and neat so you should always have that mindset. Therefore, it is your duty to always take proper care of your feet because that is the only way you feet can be healthy and good looking. So when you have charming and nice feet, you can demand higher.

3.     Use Camera that has quality standard: You would be able to have more buyers when you present your feet in a high quality pictures. So always make sure your camera is of high quality and do ensure there is lightening at where you want to take the pictures.

4.     Make sure you watermark your pictures before posting it online: There are some people that would wish to get your pictures without paying you so you need to always watermark them before you send it out and do ensure you blur them a little if anyone asked for samples. Aside the fact that it will make you sell your pictures, watermarking it will also protect your pictures from people who might want to use it as theirs.

5.     You might choose not to show your face: Avoid showing your face in those pictures as it might be used against you rather take good picture of your legs down to feet. The real feet lovers won’t disturb you about seeing your face.

6.     Don’t meet anyone unless you know them: Avoid meeting with people physically because they want to buy your feet pictures unless you keep contact with them and know them very well. Therefore, you should never meet up with someone you don’t know, no matter how much they promise you. Safety is very important in anything you do, especially selling anything to strangers.    

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