How to Know Whether to Do Your Tax Or Hire A Professional

How to Know Whether to Do Your Tax Or Hire A Professional

Payment of tax is a must for every citizen, therefore the question as  as to whether or not you should do your tax your self doesn’t have a definite answer.Basically the issue of tax payment differs yearly and foe this year you may have a reason to do it your self and have a reason to hire a professional the next day but the major thing is one of the two will have to happen which is;

1. Preparing your tax your self, this can be done directly by individual online through the IRS website mostly for incomes less than $66,000 and there is additional charges for state filling service but it is free for those that have income worth more than $66,000. And apart from the IRS, you can also the tax software, examples; turbo tax, Tax ACT and H&R Block and they provide free version for people with basic tax need.

2. Hiring a Tax Prepare to File for You.This is another way in which you can file your tax, using a professional such as tax lawyer, and IRS agent and Certified Public Accountants. This ones will charge you for the assignments and the charges will depends on the magnitude of the work you are assigning them to do. It require a minimum of $100 to pay for services and an average charges of $261 So aside prices, you still have to be able to know what you want before you make the decision of whether or not to file the tax your self.

Conditions that can make you to file your taxes your self include
1. If you have a very simple tax without dependents, charitable contributions, no investment and you don’t own a business, then you can make use of either the IRS or Software to file your tax your self, because such taxes are straight forward with limited complications as regards to factors to take into considerations.

2. Also when you have sufficient time to be able to calmly do the filing, you should make sure you are not such person who do not face so many distractions, at least averagely you need 11 hours of time to be able to concentrate fully well without distractions of any kind from anywhere or anybody

3. When you want to totally have the control over your own money, tax payment is what you will like doing your self especially when you have the chances and time to spare. If you are that kind of person who can carefully correct and fix any kind of errors then you will always feel better doing your tax your self.

But in the other ways, you can hire a Pro if;
1. Your annual earnings exceeds $200,000, as we know that the higher the income, the more higher the amount of tax you will pay and the more complicated it will be for someone who is not a professional to handle it.Atimes your income maybe up to million dollars and in this cases the best way to do your tax is through seeking the work of the professional.


2. When you have encounter major changes in your documents and for the first time you will need a professional to teach and guide you on how to go about with the new changes.

3. If you own a business or you are going to get really busy or maybe there are alot of documentation that you will need  to consider in doing the tax, then it will be the best to get a professional who will help out.

4. If you don’t have the sufficient time and patient to peacefully and calmly do the tax also, is a big reason why you should try as much as you can to just get a pro to do the job and not try forcing your self to do it, because that will lead to errors which may lead to tax fraud.

5. If you think you won’t be able to cover every base that you should when filing your tax, then it is best you leave it to the hands of a professional to do.

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