How to Earn Money by Teaching English and Other Foreign Languages Online & Top Companies That Pay


How to Earn Money by Teaching English and Other Foreign Languages Online & Top Companies That Pay

You can actually make money online by simply teaching English and other foreign languages online to people. There are foreign students that would need to learn these languages in their academic pursuit. By the time you are able to have vast knowledge about the languages; you can make it a means of generating money just as you will need to teach people the language through online medium.

If you are part of those willing to benefit from this opportunity, keep reading this article as it will give you more insights on the needed procedures before you can be accepted to teach English online. Also, this article will list out some of the companies that pay such service. The use of technology has advanced the way of life whereby you can do a lot of tasks with the use of your phone and internet access. You don’t necessarily need to travel up and down to give your lecture; you can only connect yourself with the students at home with the use of internet and give take the necessary class. Very simple, isn’t it? This is a good way for you to make money. People that are passionate about teaching others one or two things are always at the verge of benefitting the gestures more than expected. The use of language has become imperative in any course of study or school life. People would be willing to learn how to write and speak languages and if you are someone that can teach it very well, it is a good opportunity to make extra money.

Those that teach English online have a great way to make money even right from their residential place. They don’t necessarily need to be looking around for job after getting certificate to make money; they easily put together their skills and make use of it by teaching people English online or any other languages. Also, current teachers that are willing to work extra hour can earn more money through this scope. There are online platforms that you can use to operate this task and earn your money. The interesting thing about it is that you don’t necessarily need to be extremely proficient in the language before you teach others, what you only need to have is the basic knowledge about it and when you possess the skills required by teachers and when you have the necessary language skills. This would give your employer the zeal to get you the job. We have numerous companies that are willing to employ people with these skills and get them paid. This shows that you can actually turn your skills into money and there are companies that will make it possible for you. In this article, we will list out some of the best companies that pay people who teach English and other languages online. What you only need to do is go through these companies online and apply for teaching English. By the time you are accepted, the next thing to do is just start teaching and you will be paid for teaching English online. This will also afford you opportunity to teach any other language and not only English. Therefore, this opportunity is available for people that have good knowledge in different languages just as English, French, Chinese, Turkish and many more.

How Does It Work to Teach English or Any Other Language Online?

When you are very good in a particular language, this process simply works for you in such a way that you will have to sign up with a particular website or company to declare interest. After that, you will be connected with students across the world that is willing to learn such language. When you are connected, you can carry out the teaching task right from anywhere of your choice be it office or home. The great thing about is that you can carry out the task at your convenience and anytime you wish to.

What You Need Before You Start Teaching English & Other Language Online?

Since you have the required skills to perform the task, what you need to carry it out effectively includes: A standard computer system, a good internet connection, a microphone, a headset and a webcam. You need all these equipments and materials because you will be having live presentations with your students in most times and those equipments and internet connection are very pivotal and essential for you to use.

Do You Need Any Experience To Make Money Through Teaching English Online?

A good way to be more accepted for this process by those companies is when you have teaching experience or a degree certificate in languages. Although, most of those companies that you will use to operate this task will not really make it compulsory for you to have the certificate or experience since your past their assessment test. They will only test you to confirm if you have the understanding and knowledge about the language or not. For example, if you apply for English language, you might find it easy to pass the assessment test most especially when you have a good command of English. After passing the test, you are now ready to teach the students and get your money.

How Do You Get Paid To Teach English Online And How Much Will You Receive?


You will be paid per hour by the company you registered and teach from. Indeed, you can enjoy this job as it is done at your preferred place and time and get you paid. In most cases, online language teachers will receive up to $20 per hour or probably above just for teaching languages online. However, be informed that there is no fixed amount by the companies so what they offer differs. What you will be paid by a company will be determined by how they rate you as a teacher, what qualification is, the extra time you spent and many more.

Companies That Pay You to Teach English or Other Language Online:

The following companies allow you to teach languages online whether English or any other. They are:

  1. This website offers you opportunity to offer online tutorial service in different fields of study including English. You can apply for language tutor on this website and get paid. You only need to pass their screening exercise and when you pass the exercise; you are entitle to connect with the students and teach English or other language then get paid. You might be paid monthly when you teach English language on this website. The only thing you need to do before you can be accepted by this is that you need a college degree. Also, teachers are expected to teach at least five hours in a week with this online resource.
  2. Cambly: This is another online platform that allows people to come together and practice language skills. When you are a teacher that wants to teach languages, you can go to this website as it will connect you with students that are willing to learn languages and ready to pay for it. The good thing about cambly is that you don’t necessarily need to possess a college degree as you are free to teach the moment you possess the skills. This is because it will be like a social interaction where you only teach people with what you understand. The mode of operating with this website is tantamount to informal tutoring whereby you learn from each other and be able to gain more knowledge while people are learning from you too. The process could be fun and simple to go through. When you have the necessary equipments, you can fix your schedule with your students and teach them at your preferred time.
  3. Tutor Vista: This is another popular online medium that is used for tutorial of different subjects, English inclusive. You can also get paid from this website when you teach English or any other language you wish to. However, you will need to possess a college degree before you can be accepted on this website to teach English online. With this medium, you can easily work at anywhere you wish or fix a flexible schedule. Also, you will be able to improve your communication skills with the use of this website.
  4. Englishunt: This is a great platform where you can get teaching jobs because there are numerous students waiting for English teachers. You can be hired to teach English to foreign students. You will only need to have a teaching or degree certification. You should be able to work for at least 8-12hrs in a week with this website.

Other websites that allows you to teach English or other languages online include:

  • Tandem
  • VerbalPlanet
  • SameSpeak
  • Berlitz
  • TutorABC
  • ISUS and many more


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