How To Be A Mystery Shopper And Get Paid


How To Be A Mystery Shopper And Get Paid

Don’t doubt the authenticity of getting paid for being a mystery shopper. You can work as a mystery shopper remotely and receive your cash with ease. There are numerous people that engage in this act and get paid for it; it is possible for you to be one of them. This article shall explain how you can be a mystery shopper and the steps you need to follow whilst what you need to know. Also, it shall discuss about some of the companies that pays for this job.

It is not a difficult task or work, you are only to do what you’ve been doing anytime you go for shopping but this time around it will be coupled with payment for you. It simply means you get paid for your efforts or task done. Isn’t it exciting to get paid for what you normally do? Like you are been paid for shopping or eating at your favorite spots. It is really possible.

Let us firstly talk about what it entails…

What Does Mystery Shopping Means?

Mystery shopping is a task whereby someone who is anonymous is requested to visit a business outlet and check if the stipulated standards of the business are met such as the good ambience of the place or the customer service. There are various business owners that would love to know how effective their business is and hence request for people that would help them check mate their activities.

So, Who Is A Mystery Shopper?

A Mystery Shopper is someone that serves as a regular customer at a business venture and helps them with necessary information that would improve the day-to-day transactions of such business. Mystery shoppers become a necessity and effective due to the desire of business owners to adequate plan their business with appropriate recommendations. Therefore, you can be a mystery shopping and getting your money without stress. People often tend to be interested in this process because it won’t halt their schedule and yet get them money. Part of what mystery shopper do is that they help to check what is going on in the venture, they look after how customers are been attended to, they look at how the shop is been physically set up and designed and so on.

Mystery shopping involves you to patronize a product or more from the business venture and giving them your experience and recommendations. But one of the noticeable effects of this task is that people keep registering for it all time, probably because it helps a lot of people to supplement their regular income.  The recommendations provided by mystery shoppers are usually used by the business owners to improve their products and develop in their services.

How Does Mystery Shopping Work?

There are various jobs with regards to mystery shopping because of different types of business we have. The most common thing to note is that you will be given a specification as a mystery shopper and it would give you insight about what is expected from you before you enter the shop. This sometimes include guidelines on what to buy as part of the assessment, a list of inquiry you can make in the store, the type of photograph you need to take and the time expected of your written submission. So when you are equipped with this vital information, it would ease your task and enable you to have a comprehensive report on what you experienced.

How Much Are We Talking About?

Before now, most companies pay a lot to mystery shoppers but due to the competitive nature of the task, it has reduced and the pay now varies dramatically. In the past, mystery shoppers can earn up $30,000 in a year but companies are now paying less. In fact, some people now rather give mystery shopper a budget to spend in-store and will be allow choosing what they want in the store. However, you stand a chance to earn well when a company finds it difficult to have people to do the job. So, you can actually earn money from those companies that pay you as a mystery shopper which might varies. There are people making thousands of dollars doing this in their spare time. That’s not including the purchases they get for far less the amount they would have paid on their own, without reimbursements from the companies.

What Are The Requirements To Be A Mystery Shopper?

The good aspect of this task is that you don’t necessarily need to do a lot before you can be accepted. You might only be required to reach a specific age limit usually 18 and above and some little things like internet connection, means of transportation and good communication skills. This shows that you don’t need to have a specific experience or knowledge before you can be a mystery shopper.

Best Mystery Shopping Companies:

While it is interesting to be a mystery shopper, the important part of it is to get genuine companies that pay. That is why you need to be sensitive in your quest to get companies that will pay you because they are fraudsters out there that are willing to scam people. We have deemed it pertinent to discuss some of the genuine companies below:


1.     Second To None: This Company was opened in 1989 and has earned a good image over the years with their innovative techniques. Second To None has different available shops and their payment for mystery shoppers differs. You can register an account with them, login and check for available shops. When you operate with them as a mystery shopper, you will be reimbursed for your purchase and a fee will be added for you.

2.     Market Force: This is one of the best companies that pay mystery shoppers and it was created in 1972. It is formerly known as Retail Eyes and it is widely known as one of the mystery shopping sites in UK with over 300,000 registered members. So many people admire this company and it is very simple and easy to sign up with them. They offer varieties of jobs and in fact they recently launched an app that is meant for mystery shopping whereby you can use it to find out any jobs in your current location. At Market Force, you will be reimbursed for making purchases.

3.     BestMark: This Company is one of the best companies for mystery shoppers. They provide varieties of jobs for mystery shoppers such as financial institutions, hotels, restaurants, retail stores and many more. With BestMark, your mode of payment would be determined by the various shops you are able to pick up. Some of the restaurants will get you free food samples and still pay you for your time. Generally, when you use BestMark, you will receive a flat rate as well as reimbursement for your purchase.  What you only need to do is make sure you are up to 19years old, have good communication skills, internet access and a means of transportation.     

4.     Quest For Best: This Company is mostly interested in mystery shoppers that would be observant, articulated and motivated. They always pay well to their mystery shoppers and they give opportunity to mystery shoppers that love to engage in competitive compensation.

5.     Secret Shopper: Secret Shopper pays mystery shopper that choose to shop secretly. Although this company is new compared to its peer, it has earned good reputation over the time due to its consistencies. You can easily sign up with them and get paid for doing their tasks when given. This company usually pays mystery shoppers around $12 to $25 per task given and their payment is always 20th of the month after doing the requested task. They also have a designed app that can ease your assignment and it can be downloaded in both Android and iOS. What you only need to have is 19 years above, a good communication skills and internet access.

6.     Sinclair Customer Metrics: Sinclair Customer Metrics is another medium that offers good mystery shopping jobs. It was founded in 1987 and has been a trustworthy company. You can be reimbursed after purchase during shopping from this company and another interesting aspect of this company is that you can provide best marketing strategies or plans for clients in Sinclair irrespective of your nature of shopping which might include competitor mystery shopping, video mystery shopping, and telephone mystery shopping and so on.           

7.     Perception Strategies: This particular company operates their mystery shopping in a dynamic way and focus on a specific field of work which is health care products. They conduct various researches at stores to enable them assist the business owners with the necessary recommendations. At perception strategies, you can earn up to $12 for each phone call received or any particular assignment given. This means that the major aspect of mystery shopping done by perception strategies is health mystery shopping. You can help and get paid interacting with and observing patients, physicians, employees, as well competitors in the healthcare spectrum.

Other mystery companies include

–         Serve Legal

–         Retail Maxim

–         Tern

–         Shoppers’ view

–         Reality Check Mystery Store and many more.

Note: While it is fun to work as a mystery shopper, be reminded that the job is competitive and be vigilant of fraudsters. When you are being told to pay before registering as a mystery shopper, have it in mind that it is a scam. No genuine company will ask you to pay before you work for them. Go for the legitimate companies and give out your best.