15 Best Jobs For Introvert That Pay Well


There is a belief about introvert that they rarely open up to people and share ideas. Have you ever have issue with an introvert and then conclude they are depressed and anxious? Or you see in them, the stubbornness of not ready to accept other’s opinion? In any of the cases, what is certain is that introverts would always love to focus primarily on their own mind.

Interestingly, this type of people can also get job and receive good entitlement, it is very possible and legit. Although, these types of job aren’t always easy to pinpoint due to the fact that there are different types of introverts such as social, thinking, anxious and inhibited. It is now left for introverts to decode and realize the type of introvert they are and find out the nature of job that is best fit for them.

Regardless of the type of your introversion, there are one or more jobs that are suitable for you and you can earn good money from it. Although, people regarded as introverts are those that don’t like associating or discussing with other people by avoiding social contacts. Introverts also desire to be alone rather than mingling with different people for their personal reasons, perhaps some of these people usually envisage bad thing could happen when they associate themselves with others and it is in that regards they create fear, worry and nervousness for themselves which would affect the way the associate with others. Interestingly, regardless of the ways introverts behave, there are jobs they can do and get paid legitimately.

What usually happens is that people diagnosed to be an introvert always has the fear that they might not be employed due to their attributes and probably because they don’t like associating with others, they result to concern about the type and nature of jobs they can do. Hopefully, there are numerous employment opportunities for introverts irrespective of their type. They can also work at different workplaces and earn good income.

Who Is An Introvert?

An introvert is someone that is satisfied with his or her own personal thought and feelings. They always limit themselves to social gathering and not always comfortable to be around people. People identified to be introverts are always said to have introversion (the quality of focusing on one’s own interests, thoughts and feelings). One great thing about introverts sometimes is that they usually say something when they anything to say and they always talk with patience and calm. They possess good writing skills and usually not comfortable with public but might do wonders with few people around them.


However, introversion is not just a single personal characteristic but rather a spectrum of traits and these traits make up the four common types of introverts.

Type of Introverts and The Common Traits Associated With Them:

There are four common traits associated with introverts and include:

  • Social Introvert
  • Thinking Introvert
  • Reserved Introvert and
  • Anxious Introvert
  1. Social Introvert: Just as the name implies, we might say it is inline so far introverts don’t always wish to be at social gatherings. But what these people does is that they don’t really appreciate being with a large group of number but rather they are satisfied with being lonely or with a very few people near and dear to them. This doesn’t mean they are shy or can’t talk in the public; it is just that they are interest in interacting with very few people.
  2. Thinking Introvert: This set of introverts doesn’t care being with a lot of people. They are very calculative whilst analytical. They are people that don’t get tired with social interactions but rather very thoughtful and introspective. With that, they usually spend much time with the use of their imagination and self-reflecting. It is due to this way of life that made thinking introverts to be very creative in ideas and strategies. They are used to thinking outside the box and exploring relevant opportunities to bring out new innovations.
  3. Anxious Introvert: Anxious introverts are people that dislike being with people. In fact they feel drained when associating with group of people and hence usually shy to be in any public gathering. They usually feels anxious about how people perceive them and always awkward in social settings. Interestingly, they possess the sense of planning the worst in the nearest time which made them develop focus in anything they do.
  4. Reserved Introvert: This type of introverts is a person that seems very reserved and too slow in taking decision. When giving opportunities to react at a certain situation, they don’t normally take decision or make action immediately, they are people that have strong preference for thinking before they do anything or take any step. These set of people aren’t always afraid to think deep on issues in order to find the truth and get to the heart of big challenges.

10 Best Jobs for Introverts That Pay Well

There are numerous jobs that introverts can do and get cool money legitimately. Some of them are discussed in this article as such: