Two Elderly Men Suspect They Have Been Switched at Birth

The men actually spent their entire lives in different families. There exists a sad story that came up in the United States. Two men, almost 78 years old, fear that they were accidentally switched in the hospital shortly after birth. A DNA test reveals that they have not lived their lives with their own families.

DNA Test

The two men named John William Carr and Jackie Lee Spencer were both born on August 29, 1942 in the same American hospital. Last year it became clear that both men didn’t have a DNA match with the people they knew as their family. Shortly after that, it turned out that their DNA matched the other’s family.


Spencer always knew that he grew up without his biological father. It is because the man had left his mother after he was born. Therefore, for more than 50years, Spencer searched for the person whose name was on his birth certificate as his biological father. When he finally got to know his father’s relatives, DNA revealed that he was unrelated to this family. He also got to know that he was not related to the woman she knew as his mother.

Switched after birth

Spencer didn’t stop searching as it is in this way that he later discovered a family with whom he did share a blood bond; the Carr family. When Spencer discovered he was born in the same hospital as a member of the Carr family, John William Carr, and on the same day, the men quickly suspected that they had been switched after birth. In fact, Carr’s DNA test seemed to confirm this suspicion.


The two elderly men decided to sue the hospital where they were born and where they were presumably given to wrong parents. They say that they have felt the consequences of the exchange throughout their lives. Carr says he has always felt like an outside in the family. Due to the age of the men, many of their close relatives have already died. As a result, they will never get to know a large part of their biological family.

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