True or False: Do Bananas Really Cause Constipation?

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It has been a debatable topic if at all bananas really causes constipation. There are several people who believe bananas clog up your bowels, and hence make it a bit difficult to go to the toilet for a number two. However, is this based on scientific research cum facts or just an urban myth?


It is an absolute myth that you can have constipation because of bananas, says a representative of the Dutch nutrition centre. Bananas are full of vitamins and they also contain a lot of fiber which is much needed in our diet to help aid bowel movement and digestion. Also, the dietary fibers in bananas aren’t digested by the small intestine but are rather taken to the colon to help aid digestion in there. Therefore, it is a wrong saying to note that banana causes constipation but it rather has a great impact on the overall digestion.


There are several claims that bananas lead to constipation which are absolutely false. However, these claims may be due to few other problems regarding the bowel movement in relation to bananas. Bananas that just aren’t ripe yet contain a lot of indigestible starch. The starches are effective for digestion as they are fibers. Meanwhile, the bowels may have difficulty processing so many at the same time.


In addition, bananas can cause gasses to release during the fermentation process. This can make you feel bloated and windy. Whilst this is not fun, it won’t do you any harm and it doesn’t mean you are actually constipated.

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