This is Why You Should Wrap Your Car Keys in Aluminum Foil

This process will help you protect your car against theft. Several new car models have an amazing feature: a keyless start system. With this feature you can easily open your car without sticking the key in the lock or pressing a button. The car makes use of sensors to connect to the car key and open the door. Once you are sitting down, you can start the car by pressing a button. This sounds ideal, but clever car thieves have found a way to abuse the feature. Indeed, you need to protect your car keys!

Car keys

Car keys that have the keyless start system work through a wireless connection. This signal only works when you are within about two meters of your car; otherwise, it won’t connect. Sadly, clever thieves have found a way to hack this signal and enhance it. They don’t need any complicated technology for this these days; the device needed to hack the signal can simply be bought at the store and they are not that expensive.


Criminals and thieves use a form of signal enhancer or extender, to enhance the connection between your key and the car. You will have to be close by for this, but far enough so you can’t open the car yourself. An example would be that your car keys lie somewhere in your home while the car is parked out front, or you are in the office and your car is in the parking lot. The thieves use the extender to enhance the signal between your car and the key so that the doors will open when you are absent.


You can explore a couple of handy tricks to block the signal. The cheapest and easiest way is to wrap your car keys in a piece of aluminum foil before you put them in your bag or pocket. This will definitely disrupt the signal. You can also buy a special metal wallet that will block the signal. Another tip you can try is putting your keys in the freezer when you are at home. The freezer will block the signal as well. You will just need to remember that you put them there.

Are you not feeling ease about this still? Then you can still ask the car dealer to block the keyless feature. In such a way, no one can use it.


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