This is why you Should Hang a Clothes Hanger in Your Kitchen

 For you to make life easier, it is expected you hang a clothes hanger in your kitchen. We can practically hear you think: why would I need to do that? Sure, there are some tricks that may go, but when you realize how handy this trick is, you will definitely give it a go. You will probably even wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner because this trick is super practical. Especially for people with little space in their kitchen, this is a true find. All you need is a clothes hanger and a pair of pliers.

In fact, it will help save you a lot of space and irritation.


Most kitchens hardly have oodles of space. Room for something non-essential? It is rarely there. With a bit of creativity you can now store as many more kitchen items as possible, you just have to be smart about the space you do have. You know those typical standing paper towel holders? They don’t necessarily take up much space, but they are not very handy either. In addition, the cheap ones often fall over because they are so light. This is the kind of thing we are talking about:

In theory, it is as effective as charm, you roll out a bit of paper and you tear. Sadly, these holders are usually so light in weight that they will topple over unless you are using two hands. Meanwhile, this is not the best thing when you just want to grab a quick towel to clean something up. There are much handier solutions!


There is only limited space on your counter, so the space you do have is valuable. Your coffeemaker and other small appliances stay there permanently, but you want to have space left over to be able to prepare your food. The cabinets are bulging with dishware and food. That is why it is handy to hang a couple of things on the walls. Just like your paper towel holder, all you need is a screw or a nail to attach your homemade holder to the wall. If you don’t wish to drill in your wall or only got a tiled wall, then you can use a plastic or metal towel hook. You can just attach it to the wall through the use of a sticker. Beside this, you only need a clothes hanger and a pair of pliers.

Here are the steps to go about it:

Step one: Cut the clothes hanger with the pair of pliers as you can do it with both metal and plastic hangers.

Step two: Now hang the roll of paper towels onto the hanger. Slide it onto the cut piece of the hanger, like you would do with a roll of toilet paper. Hang the clothes hanger in a handy spot and you will be able to easily reach the towels. It will roll off easily and not make a mess.

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