This is Why You Should Drill Two Holes in the Bottom of Your Garbage Can

Drilling holes in your garbage can are really handy. It is now appropriate to take out the trash because the bag is definitely getting full and it has started smelling a little unpleasant odor. Of course, we don’t want to throw out trash bags that are still half empty, so this bag will probably be rather full. This implies that it is probably a bit difficult to get the bag out of the can. Is this familiar to you? Then the trick we got for you today will definitely reveal the possible way out. With this solution, you will always be able to easily lift the bag out of the trash can.

Perhaps, we didn’t think about this earlier?


It happens to us quite regularly that we want to take out the trash bag but that it is stuck so bad that we can’t seem to take it out of the can at all. We have to ask someone else to hold down the trash can while we pull off the bag. It is actually not a handy situation because it requires a lot of unnecessary effort.


Also, if the bag is full, you usually run the risk of tearing it if you pull too hard. If that happens, the trash spills everywhere and you are even longer away from home. This will happen more quickly if you use cheap trash bags, but the more expensive bags do tear also. It appears like the only way out is to throw out the trash bag when it is not completely full yet, but that just seems like a waste of garbage bags.


The solution reveals a very simple thing. You only need to take a drill and carefully drill two holes near the bottom of your garbage can. You shouldn’t drill the hole too low because that might cause a mess in case of a leaking garbage bag. Why does drilling holes now solve the problem? It is because by doing that, you have allowed air into the trash can, which means the bag can’t suck itself into the vacuum. You can easily pull out the bag!

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