This is Why People Put Strawberries in Salt Water

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With this trick, you will never want to eat strawberries without a salt bath anymore. During summer, we will wish to enjoy a handful of fresh strawberries, but now we look at this sweet fruit very differently. On social media, we now see people fanatically dipping their strawberries in a container of salt water. And the major reason behind this is less appetizing than you would expect.


Sometimes, we all find a bug in our fruit bowl; instead the inside of our fruit can also contain insects. This is the basic thing we saw in a Tik Tok video, whereby a woman dips strawberries in salted water. When the strawberries have been in the water for a while, tiny worms crawl out of the fruit. Normally, you would eat them!

Water and Salt

A lot of people rinse their fruit under the tap before taking a bite. However, in order to ensure that the strawberries are clean inside, there need to be a little more effort. To remove worms from fruit, you can simply fill a bowl with water and add salt to it. When the salt has dissolved, dip the strawberries in the water. Then let the fruit soak for some minutes to half an hour. Worms and other small insects crawl out of the strawberries into the salt bath.


There are several videos of people who are repeating this experiment on social media. The result is always the same. Should you prefer not to eat insects with your strawberries? Then, give them a salt bath. A lot of people have found that unsavory critters display.

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