This is What Your Dog’s Behaviors Actually Mean

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Dogs don’t actually see the world the same way humans see it. Although this is the real case, they do also rely on their body language for communication. Keep reading for you to see the way they exhibit their feelings and emotions through their actions and demeanor! Some of the meanings will actually shock you. They include:

·        On Hind Legs: There are different possible meanings when a dog stands up on its hind legs. It is possibly to show affection. Just like humans, they also want a hug sometimes. However, it could be a sign of playfulness when they are around other dogs. As long as they aren’t acting aggressively or growly, they are probably only playing.

·        Furniture Chewing: The pups also enjoy chewing different objects when they are teething. However, it could mean something else when they aren’t no longer puppies. It doesn’t mean they are bad dogs, however. There is a great possibility that they are just not getting the physical activity they want. A great way to treat this is to take them out for a walk. If your dog ever starts chewing at the furniture, it is now time for you to give them exercise.

·        How they bark: There are different reasons why dogs bark. If the bark is loud and frequent, it could be something very urgent. Perhaps they perceive danger and want you to be aware of it. Shorter and softer barks, on the other hand means that they want to play. Loud barking could signify that they are in pain. You should carefully pay attention to figure it out.

·        Bringing your toys: It is important that you don’t assume that your dog wants to play just because they have a toy in their mouth. There is a theory which says that they want to please you this way. They consider you the alpha and want your respect. Another theory claims that this is their way of showing that they trust you. He has so much trust in you that he brings you such a valuable object. Definitely, it might also mean that he loves you very much that he wants you to enjoy his prized possession. His feelings might get hurt if you throw the ball away after this.

·        When Dogs Yawn: Humans tend to yawn when they are bored or tired. However, dogs yawn when they feel safe and secure. It is a sign of submission for them. So when you notice that a dog is yawning 15times, it means they feel relaxed. Meanwhile, it can also be a sign of stress or anticipation. If a dog yawns numerously at a vet’s office, it could mean nervousness.

·         Like a Caterpillar: Aren’t you excited when your dog gets a good wiggle, kick up their legs, and wiggle on their back? We can’t think of an image that makes us happier. There are times when the dog does it scratch an itch, but it is possible that they only want to get your attention. Therefore, you should take time to shower them with love.

·        Pacing Back and Forth: Pacing could be a sign of being nervous, excited or bored by dogs. They like to pace around the room for the same reasons humans do! So when they are going around in circles, they possibly wish to play with you. It is the way dogs chase each other when they meet. Indeed, it is a sign of playfulness.

·        Voluntarily Sleeping in his crate: You might be surprised a bit when your dog is choosing to take a nap in his crate instead of on the couch or on your bed with you, but to a dog, sometimes their crate is their bedroom. It is a place where they feel secure and comfortable with ease. To them, it is their space!

·        Only eating in private: When you realize that your dog refuses to eat when another dog or humans is in the room with them, it is not because of any other reason except for the fact that they don’t wish to share their food with you. Although humans don’t think about this because we don’t eat dog food, dogs don’t understand that!

·        Barking at nothing: There are some instances when a dog looks out the window and starts barking, we notice there is nothing actually there for the dog to bark at, so we assume the basic reason why they bark. It could be done to protect your house as your house is their house too and they want any and all intruders to know that they are there.

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