This is the Best Way to Store Garlic

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With this way, you will be able to prevent garlic from losing its flavor. Several people can’t get through their meal without a clove of garlic, and they always have a bulb in the kitchen. Although this fragrant food can be stored for months, it is necessary to store the garlic bulb properly. This way you will get the most from the garlic and prevent it from becoming soft and losing its favor.

Save a whole bulb of garlic

If you can cook fanatically with garlic, you will realize that you can use the whole bulb quickly. If you aren’t such a fan or you have bought a large package of garlic bulbs, it can be more difficult to keep the garlic fresh. You can store a whole bulb of garlic outside the refrigerator, but the bulb will probably start to sprout if you do this. Although the garlic will still be edible, it will bring out a less pleasant taste.

The right temperature for garlic

The most ideal temperature for storing garlic is 15 to 18 degrees. Since the room temperature is usually higher than that, you will need to get a good spot for your garlic. For example, a storage place close to the floor is cooler than the top shelves in your kitchen cupboard, and is therefore a better option. Also, don’t place the garlic bulb near the kettle, oven, stove or any other hot appliance. In addition, you can decide to choose a spot where no bright sunlight falls. Garlic prefers to be in the shade.

Ventilation for storage

Garlic bulbs are usually sold in a net, and it is for a good reason. The bulbs of the plant deserve ventilation to enable them to maintain their shelf life for a long time. At home, it is therefore preferable to store the garlic separately rather than in a pantry, bag or airtight storage box.

Store peeled garlic cloves

Have you peeled more cloves than you need before though accidentally? Then you shouldn’t worry much as peeled (and even sliced) garlic can be stored for a while. You only need to place the cloves in an airtight storage container (yes, you can if they are peeled). It is better to get a glass container than a plastic container due to the fact that plastic absorbs the strong garlic odor. The container must seal tightly to prevent everything in your fridge from smelling like the fragrant garlic. Then you can store the peeled or/and sliced garlic in the refrigerator for up to two days.

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