This is How You Can Fold Regular Napkins into Cute Christmas Trees

This particular way will enable you to fold napkins and make it look festive as well. When you have slaved away in the kitchen for hours to prepare the perfect Christmas dinner, you mightn’t feel inclined to spend a whole lot of time on making sure the table appears nice and festive. A few candles might be nice, but the table will be full of food, so what’s the use anyway? There’s an easy way to spruce up your table and make it a little more festive, though: turn your napkins into Christmas trees.

In fact, we are glad to inform you that Christmas decorations don’t necessarily have to cost you any extra money.


December is always an expensive month, with Christmas being the biggest culprit. To save some money, a lot of people leave the table setting and table decorations for what they are. In most cases, a big, festive tablecloth is draped over the table and that’s it. Do you want to go the extra mile and do a little something extra? Then take out the napkins. After a little practice, you will be able to transform them into fun Christmas trees within a minute.

Now, do you want to know how to fold your napkins into Christmas trees? Watch the video down below. Best of luck

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