This Handy Trick Will Make You to be Able to Fit Your Entire Wardrobe in Your Hand Luggage

A hundred items of clothing in your luggage? It is a possible thing to do. We all appreciate going on holiday. Booking the trip, the expectation leading up to it and the euphoric feeling when the day is finally there. Several people go on holiday by car, but there are probably just as many among us who love to reach our destination by plane. Flying is very easy, and of course, because you usually get where you need to be within only a couple of hours.

You are a bit limited when it comes to luggage space, though.

Checked baggage

Flying doesn’t have to be very expensive, what with the many discounts and easy price comparison websites the internet is full of.  You don’t pay nearly as much for a ticket as you would 20 years ago. But the price of a ticket can increase pretty quickly through the cost of luggage. Taking checked luggage with you will cost you about 50 euros per person on top of the original ticket price! Although the price of hand luggage is usually added to the ticket price, you have to pay a pretty large sum for checked luggage. But are you aware that there is a very handy packing method that will enable you fit everything you need inside your hand luggage?

100 items of clothing

Are you interested in saving money on your next flight? Then you should take a look at this video below made by Rachel Grant. Rachel explains her trick very clearly for people to understand and give a trial. Somehow, she manages to get 100 items of clothing as well as accessories into a small suitcase that is suited for hand luggage! No need to book expensive, extra checked luggage; simply take a look by yourself!

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