Are you that person having a good plan but stalling on it? Are you the person having that ideal but
doubting the success? Are you the leader afraid to make that move? Are you the one afraid today, of a
tomorrow unknown, because of a not good enough yesterday ?

I am aware making decision is perhaps the hardest role to play. Particularly when such a role could make
or mar a career or life. We stall and hesitate in taking that decision, not for cowardice, but for the
aftermath of the decision.
However, regardless of the mental toughness of making a decision, making it all the same is the best.
Perhaps we should look at the word " If I'd ever needed to make a decision, I would never stall on
making it. Not making a decision on an issue is a decision itself ''. _Ibraheem Abdullateef
If we should go by these words, we would find out outrightly that making that decision, seemingly
hard, is the best. Do you think going to the college would be hard and you are worried? Go. Do you think
following the dream won't worth it? Follow. Do you think trying your hands at another relationship is
the best? Yes, try. Somehow, you have thought of something you think could be beneficial and
advantageous, but following through is harder than conceiving the idea in the first place. That's
indecision. It holds a soul down.

I remembered when I was in final year at the college and graduation was just a week away. I was one
brilliant chap ready to conquer the world. I was spoiled for choices due to the impressive results I had.
Quite naturally then, offers started trickling in. Each time a job offer came, I stalled for it, hoping the
best of them would come at my own time convenient time. Not that I didn't like all these jobs, I was just
having problems deciding which one was best for me. Every time, it was like this, I would stall on making
the decisive decision and the opportunity just fizzles away. I continued that way even after graduation.
But I got to realise in the long run that nothing ever come at our own time, they only come at opportune
time as opportunities, and we only just take them as they come. Perhaps you should learn that today.

What makes indecision what it is, is our unwillingness to break free. Whenever you are caught in the
web of indecision, you should always remember that, that inability to make a decision counts at the end
as your decision at the time. It's all a thing of the mind. Break free!

Indecision has no single benefits except receding progress and success. It makes one redundant and
sterile as a result of several issues requiring judgement that he never pulled himself to decide upon.

Indecision, after it all, envelope the mind with guilt. When after it all, you realise your faults and
shortcomings for not swiftly deciding on an issue or opportunity, you feel guilty and sorry for yourself.
Why should you let your mind house regrets?

Make decision for yourself today to move on. Making decision is moving on. Indecision too, is a decision.
But it's often negative. Why don't you summon courage to tackle that fear, anxiety, worries and
negativities, stopping you from making that decision today?

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