In these uncertain times, one thing you can rely on is our commitment to supporting you to achieve your ambitions. We expect our ULaw UK campuses to be back open in September. To ensure your health and safety on campus we will be implementing some enhanced measures to ensure your safety. If because of any changes to Government guidelines we are not able to open, or you can’t attend, you’ll still be able to start your programme. That’s our guarantee.Play Video

Our guarantee gives you the following reassurances:

  • If your campus is not open in September, we will deliver our programmes via online streaming and we will provide you with all the support you would expect from our award-winning Employability Service, Library and Student Support. Your learning will reflect the face to face experience and follow a similar delivery timetable.
  • We will keep you updated on any developments and when the campus re-opens you will be able to move to face to face delivery.
  • Where we have a dedicated online or blended learning programme, you can opt in to these online modules for your first semester or term.   
  • If you cannot travel to the campus, due to health concerns or travel restrictions, you’ll be able to continue with one of our online options.

For more details, see our FAQs and our Admissions team are still working and happy to answer any questions you may have. You can contact them on 0800 289997.

Below is some information about Online Streaming and our Dedicated Online Programmes.  For details on the September Study Guarantee options available for your specific programme of interest, please see our Information Pack

Online streaming

We have been successfully delivering a continuation of our on campus programmes through online streaming delivery.  Our online platform combines pre-recorded materials and live workshops using a platform called Collaborate, alongside ongoing student support, wellbeing and our award winning employability service.  This route is ideal for students who would prefer to transfer to face to face teaching as soon as the campus is open.

Dedicated online programme

We have a wide range of dedicated online and blended learning courses which we have been offering for over 10 years.  Whether you’re looking to study an undergraduate degree or one of our specialist Master’s courses, our online courses are designed to provide you with the same experience as your on campus peers. We have developed our online programmes to deliver the same quality of teaching and learning experience, but with the convenience of being able to study when, where and how you want.

Full information on the terms and conditions can be found here.


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