The Top 20 Jobs In The Factories That Pay Well Some Pay Up To $50 Per Hour And $100,000 Per Year

Looking for the best factory jobs that pay very well? This is definitely the correct article to read.

It contains a list of 20 of the best factory jobs out there that pay very well.

It also shows in detail exactly how much you can expect to get your salary for each of these jobs – per hour and per year!

Yes, many of these jobs are paid very well, especially for people who need money now.

This article also talks a bit about what exactly to expect from each of these jobs.

If you’re considering whether or not you qualify for some of these types of jobs, you’ll also get information there.

Once you read each type of these functions here, you can even find out if the designated factory function is right for you or not.

If it’s not right for you, simply check with others to find the right person for you.

Some require special training while others need experience as well as training.

What are factory functions?

The functions of the factory refer to the profession, trade or work performed in the factories.

This means that tasks are done when the items are manufactured, invented, created, or manufactured.

In the usual factory environment, the production of goods involves input from skilled workers and diverse training.

Some factory functions are directly related to the items produced while other functions are indirectly linked.

These types of jobs can also be implemented in different countries, so if you are looking for jobs that require travel, you can definitely work in factories around the world … if you have the qualification and / or experience required.

If you want to work in a factory, it makes sense to think about which ones will pay you the most.

Of course you should know whether you are qualified to do the specific task you are interested in or not.

Even if you are not qualified, you can always begin to acquire the necessary skills and / or education and / or qualification.

If you go back to school to get the necessary education, you can still do some online jobs for well-paid students and get money while chasing your dream.

Factors affecting the amount of payment of factory functions

Common factors that affect what you pay the factory function include:

Product type manufactured

Some products are more complex than others during production.

The company where the product is manufactured

Some companies pay better wages than others who produce similar products.

The company’s website

Some labor laws in some states or countries make factory workers earn higher wages than other sites.

20 best factory functions which pay well

The following explains 20 of the best factory jobs that drive well.

1. Mechanical engineer

Mechanical Engineers work in factories. They design, develop, build and test mechanical machines, engines, tools, devices, and thermal sensors.

They can work in offices as well as in the manufacturing environment.

How much money you can get:

These specialist engineers are paid well and can earn about $ 49.21 per hour.

In 2017, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the average annual gain of mechanical engineers was about $ 85,880.

What education / qualification you will need:

If you want to work as a Mechanical Engineer, you must obtain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in engineering and related engineering courses.

2. Manufacturing Engineer

Industrial engineers are responsible for creating, establishing, providing and evaluating the best ways to manufacture products.

These plant engineers have the most elaborate designs, processes or techniques to improve production.

How much money you can get:

You can earn up to $ 85,000 a year. The hourly rate you expect to earn must be about $ 40. The $ 40 per hour means that this is one of the jobs where one can make $ 200 in one day, very easily.

What education / qualification do you need:

The job of the factory requires a strong educational qualification and leadership skills.

Industrial engineers are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in industrial, electrical or mechanical engineering at least.


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