The Solution to a Frozen Windshield? A Bag of Water!

This viral hack can indeed save you a lot of time. It is presently awful cold and it implies that we are scraping our windshields every morning. It is an annoying chore, especially when you are in a hurry, but can hardly leave without doing it. Not only will you risk getting a fine if you can’t see your windshield properly, it is also very dangerous for you. Fortunately, we have found a way that will make your life a little easier. With this viral trick, your frozen windshield will be clean and defrosted in no time at all.

This one goes out to all of you who hate scraping your windows.

Bags of water

If you have been wondering why you normally see people walking outside with a plastic bag of water, it is simply because they were off to clean their windshield. This trick is very simple: you only need to fill a plastic bag with warm water (it shouldn’t be too hot) and then carefully move it over the frozen windshield. You will observe the ice will melt immediately and your windshield will be clean in a jiffy. It is best to wipe away the melted water on the windshield with a clean cloth afterwards. Otherwise, it might freeze again quite quickly.

Take a look at this video to see the trick in action:

Hot water

It is mostly unacceptable by people to pour hot water onto your frozen windshield. It is because the contrast between hot and cold is too big, which can cause the windshield to crack when there is already a tiny fracture in the glass. What happens is that a little bit of water gets into the small fracture or crack, and this water will expand when it freezes. In such a way, a tiny fracture can turn into a huge crack. That is why you should only use this trick if your windshield is still entirely in one piece. Always make use of lukewarm water and never hot water.

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