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The Office Brexit Application will work On Apple Devices

The mobile phone application of the Ministry of the Interior will work for EU citizens applying for a settlement in the UK after Britain leaves the European Union on Apple laptops.

The identity document examination application was developed by the Ministry of the Interior to allow applicants to verify their identity by providing information such as their address and identity survey.

But after testing last year, it turned out to be incompatible with Apple devices because it did not allow third-party developers access to NFCs to scan for their passport chips.

Although the application is still available only for Android devices, Interior Minister Sajid Javed said Monday (April 1st) that Apple will allow verification of the identity document on its devices by the end of the year.

In addition to the application, EU citizens can also apply through a number of channels, including by mail. The Ministry of the Interior has also prepared more than 50 locations where applicants can check and verify their passports.

The application is provided with the support of the iProov face recognition provider in the UK in partnership with the WorldReach Software security provider. ReadID provides chip reading functionality in electronic passports and ID cards.

The Ministry of the Interior has also developed a new system of work situations to support the European Union settlement plan and has established a new information processing center across all channels of application.

Since the launch of live broadcasts on Saturday, March 30, the program has received 50,000 applications from EU citizens, bringing the total to 280,000 since the test began in August 2018

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