Steps on how to deal with Anxiety

Anxiety is a product of yourself been carried away with things that do not necessarily matters. You can read books and journals or articles on how to part away with it but it is never possible if you did not take action. As we all know, anxiety arise when your body respond naturally to stress. The case of anxiety disorder could result to the feeling of fear that can be with you all the time. It is intense and sometimes makes you weak.

Although, we are all liable to be anxious in one way or the other most especially when we engage in things that are not comfortable, but the unhealthy aspect is when it becomes excess, which can even lead to feelings of fatigue, which is very dangerous to the health.

Anxiety disorder is very common form of mental disorder that could happen to anybody irrespective of age. It usually affects the mental health and could lead to you being weak to do things at your wish; you won’t be interested in doing your usual task and can affect your attitude. This usually stays in the body for a long period of time and might got worsen if not treated.

There are types of anxiety disorders which include:

Phobia: when you have too much fear of something probably a situation or activity or object
Social anxiety disorder: when you are always afraid and scare of people judging you in a social situation or seeing yourself as not social amongst your folks.
Panic disorder: this is when you have the panic in you and always fear of unknown attack.
Post-traumatic disorder: this form of disorder arises when you had experienced a traumatic event.
Some symptoms of anxiety include:

Increased heart rate
Rapid breathing
Trouble concentrating
Difficulty falling asleep
Causes of anxiety?

It has been observed that anxiety can come up through some factors which include genetic and environmental. Also, the area of the brain that controls fears could also be impacted.

The following are ways you can deal with anxiety:


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Always breathe deep: Should a case happen that you are confronted with anxiety attack, the first thing that change in you is your breathing rate. If you are unable to look into the short breaths, it can seriously lead to hyperventilation and other uncomfortable symptoms such as nausea, confusion and dizziness. That means for a healthy life, when you are anxious, always note to take deep breaths to prevent the situation from escalating to unwanted levels. Deep breathing is essential that it can help you slowed heart rate and reduce muscle tension.
Mediate regularly: Try and create time for yourself out of your busy schedule. Figure out some things about life and work it out. You need to realize the fact that you own your life so you should always focus on positive energy and solitude. Use some minutes to be calm, think cool and be open-minded.
Practice self-care: Make a good routine with self-care. Look good, get yourself massage and nice haircut or hairstyle, take yourself out and look for nice ambience to do that. Take a cup of tea and wonders the good nature of life, it really helps a lot.
Go for hangout: The moment you spend with natural things makes you have rest of mind. It assists you in maintaining good mindset and gives you rest of mind. Look for serene, cool, lovely and scintillating environment and spend some hours there.
Reduce of intake of caffeine, sugar and other processed foods: Caffeine is well known to cause abnormal awareness of the beating of the heart if taken too much which can trigger panic and anxiety attacks. Sugar and other processed foods can cause inflammation so you can replace these with green juice, nice vegetables, eggs, yoghurts and many more.
Talk to someone: In life, we all need people that can help us during our needs and as such, it is important to always discuss with someone whom can understand your plight and help you cope with panic or fear or in case of being over-anxious. Also, the zeal of having someone on standby in the event of a panic attack is enough for you to prevent panic levels from escalating to unwanted levels. Thus, if you have a history of anxiousness or panic, it is important to have someone you trust who can help you cope with pressure and stress.
Distract your attention when anxious: In some cases, we are fond of trying to overcome anxiety by focusing too much on its symptoms. If you truly wish to end up panic attacks, you will need to develop ways to distract your brain from thinking about an attack. The best way to address such a situation is to switch up activities, preferably switching to more physical activities.
Accept anxiety as a normal thing: A great step in managing anxiety is embracing it as a part of life. We all know that the life is all about ups and downs so we can’t be shy away of the fact that there is sweetness and bitterness in life. So, sufferings are meant to exist, it is rather left with how to manage it. Therefore, by the time you realize that you are becoming anxious; do not try to run away from the situation as that will only make it worse. When dealing with anxiousness, the best remedy is to accept that you are anxious and understand that it is a normal emotion that can be controlled. It is only through acceptance that you can take the necessary measures to address the situation.
Engage in exercise: Naturally, exercise is a good remedy to a lot of mental distress. So in order to get rid of anxiety, you need to stay active by engaging in exercise. Aside that exercise helps to clear the mind, fire up the endorphins, and help you have a sound sleep at night, it is also reported that individuals who exercise vigorously and regularly were 25 percent less likely to develop an anxiety disorder within five years.

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