Some Wonderful Signs You Are With a Real and Faithful Man

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All ladies have their own definition of perfect man – the nature of man they would love to have one day where they can spend the rest of their life with. There are some girls that prefer tall guys, while some prefer short. Some want to have a guy that they can have fun with; while others just need someone they can share thoughts, emotions, or the darkest side with.

Regardless of the nature of physical attributes or personality traits a lady might prefer, there is definitely an essential requirement for all girls and it is “loyalty”. Therefore, you should look out for the following signs from your man if you want to be sure that he is loyal to you.

  1. Intimacy isn’t just 20minutes under the sheets: A guy who doesn’t have much to say won’t even plan out any special romantic dates with you and the only time you will ever see him happy and excited beside you is when you are having intimate time. And immediately that is over, when he is done for what he was there for in the first place, he will just return to being the cold, disinterested person that he is. A loyal man will not just want to fast forward everything to an hour in the bedroom and even if he does, it will be followed by love and affection.
  2. You have all access to his house: There is no one that loves interruptions in their life, not even women. Also no person would wish to give permanent and unrestricted authorization to their own comfort house to just anyone they meet. Therefore, if your partner is confident enough to give you a copy of their apartment’s keys even without you asking for it. It is a great sign of their loyalty to you.
  3. He remembers to call and text you at the most random times: You know he is busy at work and you don’t even expect him to take the time out just to talk to you, but that is exactly what he does! He is occupied with tensions but yet remember to let you know that he is thinking about you. It can be a simple message or just a two minute call but he won’t end a day without talking to you, at least once.


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  1. You are the only person he has eyes for: We aren’t saying you should go crazy judging him from this point. There is no way he won’t notice the people around you, in fact he will joke with you about that really hot girl you might know just to get you a little jealous. But when all is said and done, when all the fun and games are over, and when he is sitting across from you with his eyes fixed, just listening intently to what you are saying, you will feel so sure about the fact that he has never looked at another girl the way he looks at you.
  2. He has told his friends all about you: When your man is never panics at the sight of his college friends when you guys run into them at a random party, he doesn’t feel any shame in admitting his feelings about you publicly, at least to the people that matter to him. His friends know absolutely most things about you; from how you guys met to how you managed to start the relationship.
  3. He doesn’t mind doing anything for you: He doesn’t have obsolete and discriminatory views about gender roles. He won’t hesitate cooking up a great dinner for your date night or helping you change your sheets. Even during the time that you are having a weak day, he will be there to help complete your work.
  4. He has nothing to hide: A man that doesn’t have a passcode on his phone and won’t even give it a second thought to leaving his phone with you for any reason at all; it implies that he doesn’t have anything to hide for you.
  5. He never takes you for granted: In all the time you have been together, you have always felt like a priority to him and not just an option. In a situation whereby you have already made plans together on the same day that his friends decided to throw a party, he won’t ditch on you last minute. If he wishes to make an important life decision, your opinion will be a major contributing factor.
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