Some Things Women Will Just Never Understand About Men

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It is a statement of fact that men could be complicated in nature too. Since the inception of time, men and women were created separate and hence, lived separate lives. When we talk about separation, it is not as isolated physically. However, there are some certain things about one’s gender which the other can’t just understand.

They can try, take part in their joy, sympathize with them, but they can’t actually say that they completely get it. It is really simple, even in the present century, there is no one that can think that every element of gender bias has been completely gotten rid of from society. Everyone knows that!

What most people don’t know is that men are most times faced with certain circumstances which people overlook since. Here are some things which men usually feel or face throughout their lives which a woman can never fully understand:

1.     Sexism can go both ways: This might be something that women can understand with regards to feeling it themselves. However, the scenario for men is very different. Men are constantly enjoined to ‘man up’ which in fairness, is the dumbest thing to say to a man. When men are told to ‘man up’, are we telling them to just bear it all and behave as if they are fine with whatever people throw at them since they are men? We all need to understand why everything is not okay since it is about a man. It is obvious that most people have never seen men complaining about sexism.

2.     People think that if men interact with kids, they are pedophiles: It sounds harsh right? It is a matter of fact. At least it will happen once in a man’s life to be constantly given suspicious stares when he shows attention to a random kid. But it is normal for men to also find kids cute too and not having any ulterior motive. We all need to understand that by thinking men are nothing more than pedophiles when they come near a kid, you are definitely increasing the stereotype for all men above a particular age who are alone in public spaces. This leads to the third point!

3.     Male stereotypes are increasing by the day: Has anyone ever noticed that all men are either considered to be perverts or pedophiles if you think they aren’t attractive enough? In fact men are stereotyped to the extent of a point where it is downright upsetting. It is a common belief that women that are against stereotypes are brave people doing something against stereotyping. Meanwhile, when you reverse the roles, you will realize that a few men holding signs with a crowd pointing and laughing at them and telling them, just as “man up”.

4.     Men aren’t always allowed to display any emotion besides contentment: When a guy is not happy with a girl, people will immediately sympathize with her without knowing the real issues going on. If a girl is mad at a guy, people usually walk away like it is nobody business. Truth be told, it isn’t anyone’s business, but if you make it your mission to defend the girl then why not if it is a guy? Society see the girls as someone who can be filled with emotions and sees men as people who can’t be angry or sad. The assumption is very unfair.

5.     Guys have almost no emotional support: In most cases, men who strived to overcome their stereotypical image and express their feelings of sadness or loneliness and many more are usually faced with another form of problem. They usually have no emotional support. Some people might be thinking but they aren’t with the right person, but the truth is that no one can fully support them. Most people will only effuse some words of advice and sympathy, but they will just expect them to be fine with it in some time and move on.

6.     They are always told “it is your job”: At one point in life, men feel that they have got zero validation for whatever they get in life. It could be from education, to their job and even to the educational life, things are sort of expected from them. People think that you had to get a job, a house and income. When you don’t get them, you are regarded as a failure. Basically, you can either be big and get no appreciation or be nothing and become everyone’s disappointment. Indeed, there is no in between.

7.     Men hardly get complimented: Men don’t usually get complimented as women do and if they do, for a second they will just sit in silence while their brains try to comprehend whether it was meant in sarcasm or a genuine compliment. No matter the zeal for a man to give out the best, they are hardly complimented.

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