Some Surprising Things You Could Also Use Sponges for Beside Cleaning

We have detected that you can use sponges for so many different purposes aside from cleaning. We are all beginning to become a bit more environmentally friendly and we are trying to get good alternatives. Do you already have a multipack of sponges at home or do you simply still like to use them when you are cleaning? Then you can very easily use or reuse them for these tricks as well.

1.     Sprouting seeds: Sponges are very handy when you want to begin a little vegetable garden but don’t know where to start. Put a moist sponge on a plate and place the seeds you want to sprout on top, leaving enough space in between. Place a glass bowl upside down on top of the plate so you are basically creating a terrarium. Put your homemade terrarium in a light spot and your seeds will sprout!

2.     Watering plants: Have the seeds sprouted? Then you can reuse the sponge! Of course, this tip also works for other plants – not just the seeds you have sprouted yourself. Simply place a sponge in a planter (you might need to cut it to make it fit) and then fill the planter with earth and your plant. Should you accidentally give your plant a little too much water? The sponge will absorb the excess water.

3.     Fridge: Do you usually take a piece of fruit out of the fridge that is gone soft or even mouldy? Then you might want to try placing a sponge in the fridge with your fresh fruits and vegetables. There are some fruits that don’t like moisture such as veggies and it can start to get mouldy more quickly because of it. The sponge will absorb mixture and thus protect the fruit. Do wring it out in the sink regularly to avoid this trick having the negative effect.

4.     Ice pack: Do you want to keep your lunch cool without having to lug a heavy ice pack around you? Then you shouldn’t worry; you can easily make a simple ice pack yourself. This homemade ice pack is reusable and super cheap! All you need is a sponge and a resealable plastic bag. Wet the sponge and place it in the resalable baggy. Ensure you seal this properly and then put it in the freezer overnight. The result? A light reusable ice pack! As soon as the water melts, the sponge will absorb it again, so you don’t have to worry about moisture.

5.     Stamps: This is a fun one to do with the kids and grandkids! You can cut sponges in all types of shapes such as hearts, diamonds, circles and perhaps even stars, if you are particularly skilled. Using these sponge stamps and some paint, your children will be able to stamp fun shapes to their heart’s content. Fun times for a rainy day!

6.     Nail polish remover: Have you ever bought one of those bottles of nail polish remover where you have to stick your finger inside and move it around for a bit and your nail comes out clean? Those things are very handy, most especially when it comes to glittery nail polish. Unfortunately, they are also relatively costly and they can cause a lot of extra trash. You can easily make one of these things yourself by placing a sponge in a glass jar and drenching it in a nail polish remover. It works effectively!

7.     Put away Christmas decorations: It is possible to easily use (old) sponges as padding for delicate items that easily break like your Christmas ornaments. Sponges are bendable and squishy, making them appropriate for this.

8.     Remove lint and pills: You can make use of the rough side of a scouring sponge to carefully remove pills and lint from sweaters. Rub lightly at the fabric and you will realize those ugly pills will come away within no time, leaving your sweater looking much nicer again.

9.     Protect the floors: Are you out of the felt circles meant to go underneath the legs of your furniture to protect the floor? Just cut a sponge into small pieces and glue this piece to the bottom of your furniture.


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