Some Simple Hacks to Fall Asleep in 30 Seconds, Supported by Science

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Although it is always easier said than done, and there are several people out there who are desperately trying to get a comfortable sleep. We all desire to have high quality of sleep, yet some of us find it difficult after tossing and turning hours, yet unable to sleep.

Meanwhile, we all deserve to get the form of sleep we deserve, and we have decided to come up with fascinating hacks to try and help you get it a bit more easy to curl up under the covers and sleep off. Without much ado, here are some of the hacks you should give a trial:

1.     Read a book before bed: One of the best ways to easily fall asleep is by engaging in this act where you simply turn down the light, snuggle down, and have a quick read of a good bedside tome. Meanwhile, it doesn’t have to be particularly highbrow reading, although when you read something that seems boring to you, it could enhance your visit to the Land of Nod. Reading helps to facilitate sleep by forcing you to remove yourself from electronic equipment. Therefore, anytime you find it bit difficult to sleep, just grab a book on your bedside.

2.     Set a formal bedtime: You will be able to force yourself to bed at the evening time when you set a formal bedtime. It will not only help you physically but also psychologically. It implies that you will set a time for you to sleep and it will help your mind to recognize that it is time for you to start unwinding and relaxing, much in the same way that a child learns to sleep. Also, a regular bedtime helps your brain to adjust its levels of serotonin and melatonin, and assists balance the circadian rhythm out.

3.     Eat a Healthier Diet: Adjusting the diet will offer you great benefit such as sound sleep. According to research studies, increasing the intake of fruits, vegetables, and pulses can help improve your sleep and the time it takes for you to go to sleep dramatically, thanks to enhancing your levels of magnesium, potassium, or other essential minerals that your body requires.

4.     Ensure your room is cool: Another great way to make you sleep quicker is by enabling cool atmosphere in your room. Several research studies have found that the body temperature is important when you are willing to sleep, as the body temperature drops naturally when you start to nod off. Therefore, it is apt to maintain a cool but not cold temperature in your room for good sleep. It is best to keep a fan or a window open to keep cool air circulating and then taking the opportunity to snuggle down.

5.     Practice yoga before bed: If you are an admirer of something little less orthodox, then research opines that engaging in a spot of yoga can help relax your body and help you get to sleep in record time. Yoga has been long touted as an avenue worth exploring in terms of sleep hacks. Yoga gets a lot of attention for its health benefits, but when you are stuck on a sleepless night, try your hand at some yoga and you will realize that you are relaxing and nodding off immediately.

6.     Meditate: Meditation is a great tool for anyone that needs it. When it is about being simultaneously rudimentary and revolutionary, meditation has been commended as a form of cure-all for a large swathe of physical or psychological ailments. Meditation allows you to calm your restless mind and thoughts and you will be focused on the kind of slow, rhythmic breathing which helps make sleep more comfortable.

7.     Cut off caffeine: One of the most effective sleep hacks is to stay out of caffeine intake. Truly, we are all guilty of partaking in some caffeine at one point or the other. Whether it is in our tea, coffee or even out of chocolate. However, if you are willing to have sleep as soon as possible, you should consider cutting off your caffeine intake after 3pm to help improve quality of sleep, and the time it takes for you to get to sleep.

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